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The next element to consider is RAM. The most important detail here is represented by the size of the RAM, measured in gigabytes (Gb), this size is expressed in the powers of 2, that is, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. Gb.

Current operating systems require at least 4 Gb of RAM, manufacturers boast that they go to smaller RAM sizes. And we’re only talking here about the operating system requirements here. If we also consider the optimal memory requirement for the operation of the programs we are going to use, we will have the surprise that the whole of our computing system runs very slowly... Due to the too-small size of the RAM.

So, everything would be depending on the budget, because these memories cost... My advice would be to stop talking about working memories less than 8 Gb of RAM (especially since the release of Windows 10, not to mention the 11)... And that's under conditions where we're going to use the computer to "basic stuff" (office, a movie "there," etc.).

If we focus on video processing, on "high-end" games, everything changes radically, the memory requirement being much higher, the minimum possible starting from 16 Gb "up".

And this detail is also especially noticeable on tablets and mobile devices that are large-sized ram-sized aids.

Summary, that's why this is required! RAM is a "functionality" through which the computing system loads in a "fast processing" area everything it needs for the operation of particular software (application, game, etc.) and, nowadays, simultaneously loads many, unimaginably many applications. In addition, the operating system, the computing system, as you want to consider, has a lot of "loaded" applications that work after a system technically called "interruptions".

These "interruptions" are a way of approaching "one at a time" the functionality of the computing machine, allowing, like a human, to complete the tasks that arise to solve it. More "plastic", if I have to solve two problems, one of physics and one of mathematics and I want to give the feeling, perception, etc. that everything goes simultaneously, "I write", "I solve" a step to the problem of physics, a "step" to the mathematics one, I make another "step" to the one of physics, one to the mathematics one, and so on until completion.

And, the more RAM I have, the more things I "fit" apparently (because, in fact, it’s a sum of operations performed at a huge speed of human perception) "simultaneous" to do...

Yes, we must consider here another detail, related to the working speed of these memories... At this point, only DDR-type memory is still used, this DDR means Double Data Rating. And, also at this point, almost archetypally, the DDR3 and DDR4 standard memories are used (obviously with major speeds increased compared to the simple standard, DDR).

Remember that we have discussed a rather major detail since a calculation system will go with the speed of the weakest component of that system.

Yes, and the latency of these memoirs would still be a "thing"... Here it is necessary to watch that the frequency is as high as possible and the latency as low as possible...

But in general, the "main factor" is the size, the size of the RAM...

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