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            Various materials on internal and international payment techniques (payment instruments and means), domestic and international financing techniques and means (documentary credit/ letter of credit) as well as various materials and documentation about banking financial system, the monetary system, international economic policy (the balance of receivables and commitments, custom policy and commercial tariffs, non-tariff, promotional and stimulating trade policies) and stock exchanges and values (general elements of analysis and evolution of the Romanian securities market, technical data and documentation).

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           Legislative material of particular importance for accountants (and not only) comprising the General Accounts Plan (on all its branches of its existence-budgetary, banking, etc.) with all related elements related to legislation, monographs, etc., materials about International Accounting Standards (IAS, IFRS, etc.), financial auditing, etc., as well as elements of study about the statutory audit drawn up directly from the work published under the name  "Statutory Audit in Romanian practice". In addition, you will find data and IT technical elements that can support your activities in this area, of financial-accounting.

Către paginile financiarFinancial

            Legislative elements (excerpts) commented and annotate about the Romanian financial system, comments, useful advice regarding relations with representatives of tax authorities, global tax efficiency analyses and many, many more. The main focus of all the documentation that is part of this section is oriented to the  "documentary policies" that appear as a clear difference/interpretation between the enunciation of the law and the impact "on the ground" (from the territorial offices related to the  "Organs" of the Romanian tax system) as well as interpretative nuances  "in the field " that can bring immense damage to any taxpayer...

Către paginile legisDex/ Dictionary

            Significant excerpts from the "Economic Glossary" which that explains in all respects the perception of various terms and phrases of a legal and economic nature (there are also correlated elements to normative acts that have attracted the "presence" of that definition which often requires our focus on differences in interpretation between reality and legal statement), as well as a large suite of legislation in close correlation with the possibilities of tangency in real economic life (grouped by domains such as tax, financial, etc., representing large extracts from the work "White Book of Accountancy").