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An accumulation of various materials that can help you in your effort to "pass" through this material world.

Economics (a collection of documentary materials with economic themes, references, statistical elements, etc.),
Accounting (everything that is linked of Romanian accounting and various relationship materials),
Financial (multiple tax-related materials, implications, legislation and relationship materials),
Lex/Dictionary (collection of normative acts with specific economic, legislative and many, many others).

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To Study

Catre paginile To Study/ Pentru studiu Dorin M

Writing (collection of literary works, references, useful documentary for personal study, etc.),

Description (descriptive documentaries grouped on different fields of analysis),
Technical (A number of works in various fields such as "New Dacian Medicine", cyber security, making sites, making games, etc. grouped under the name of "Let's Make Something"),

Fiction (the book/game "Around the Worlds" made/developed by me as well as others).

To Entertain

Catre paginile To Entertain/ Pentru distracţie Dorin M

A collection of materials, documents, links, etc. that will help you feel better, more free from everyday life!

Perceptible (colors and this psychology, lottery analyses, and various materials),

Esoteric (all sorts of works with an esoteric character, anything can be challenged by our faith or confirmed by your fears),
Multimedia (various works, links etc about and towards materials related to our possible fun),
Entertaining (about everything that would be necessary for a pleasant passage of time).

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To Affair

Catre paginile To Affair/ Pentru afaceri Dorin M

Possible sources of inspiration for some businesses that can be particularly common to everyone!

Buy (collection of documentary materials, etc. useful for purchase decisions),
Sell (collection of documentary materials that should be assimilated when we want to sell something),
Intermediate (about everything that would be necessary when we want to interpose between the seller and buyer to our winnings),
Speculate (collection of documentaries on how to benefit or how we can protect ourselves from bargains).

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