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The material whose table of content is inserted below represents a point of view of what the "New Medicine" represents from the point of view of an assembly of knowledge.

These materials are processed constantly, being improved, according to my accumulations and, therefore, their content will change over time, depending of my possibilities of involvement.

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Looking for sources of documentation, I have "read" many doctors who, over time, have totally changed the way of thinking.

They have moved step by step from allopathic medicine (also called Western medicine, which counts the value of a doctor by the number of "healings"), to a kind of traditional medicine (Eastern type, which counts the value of a doctor after the non-existence of "sick").

There is no denying the perfection of allopathic medicine in the world of acute "diseases", no. Obvious... But the true healing paths almost never come from here, from allopathic medicine, but from other forms, be they "corrective" ways of life.

So, in my studies, there were more and more studies that were not much to do with everything I knew, everything that had absorbed many years of my life.

And, to what I had read, all the ways of traditional Chinese medicine (including acupuncture) of alternative medicine had begun to be added, ayurvedic, homeopathy, bioenergy, inforenergetics, homeopathy, radiesthesia, crystal therapy, much discussed New Germanic Medicine, Bowen, Bach, Gerson therapies (and other therapies of nutritional and/ or way of life), etc. without forgetting the isihastre medicine and forms of medicine transmitted over time through local forms of medicine...

Many, many others with different level of action than what we knew, with other forms of intervention (infinitely less invasive), with another level of healing, etc.

But modern medicine (alopathic), alternative ones, each one (many listed above), all have a certain "success rate", reaching its limits quite clearly, certainly (even by simply considering the results from a statistical point of view).

This "successful fragmentation" has attracted the fact that, trends are oriented towards an integrative consideration of more and more "forms" of medicine (chiropractics already being accepted as a form of medicine, Gerson therapies are "part of medicine" in Australia, and the inertia of maintaining Traditional Chinese Medicine as the main form of study in medical universities/faculties in China, Asia, etc. is obvious, without forgetting its already global practice, recognized or not... And many other examples).

Dorin, Merticaru