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"Mortgage One's Soul"

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            This "book"/game, this "river novel"/game, can be traversed/read from the different points of view of the main heroes, Mircea Dan (male character) or Monique Touran (female character). As you progress through the text you will have the opportunity to choose the path that seems best to you, just as you can always return to any other course of the story.

            It should be noted, as a form of help in the process, that what we have achieved here has three variants on each character (Mircea Dan or Monique Touran), 6 in the total work (as a synthesis of the 25 existing variants in the game to which I have already given up for an indefinite period of time - on 22.09.2019).

            So, you can start reading the story by clicking on the image of the book cover (above, or on this link) or by accessing the "Table of Contents".

            Note: 1. If you want some clarification about what you will find here, before choosing, you can go through some "Details";

            2. This work is "in development", literally, but also in correlation with the "Let's do something!" section. ("How to write a book" and "How to make a game"), which is why, for those caught up in its stories, I suggest that they periodically check the development status (by clicking on this link) or, much more interestingly, I can go through all the "variants", having the possibility to suggest which story lines seem more interesting so that I, the author, have a "hint" of "preferential" development (by email to my address,

            3. 3. For the "correlation" in the "How to write a book" section, I also developed a "historical" page (click on this link) about the work that was originally called "Around the worlds" and has now become "Mortgage of someone's soul" ".

            Thank you for your understanding (and possible help)!

Dorin M - October 20, 2020