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            Various materials about colors, conventional and unconventional psychology, marketing elements, correlates to classical and modern artistic creation, etc  "centered" around them, various materials and data related to blood groups with all elements related (psychological support, nutrition elements, etc.), statistical materials related to the different types of lottery (currently just the lotto section like 6 of 49 etc. but in short time, the statistics related to betting and the like).

Către paginile esotericeEsoteric

            Everything that can be contested by our faith but confirmed by our fears with reference to a collection of materials related to the various types of zodiac as well as other esoteric elements, astronomy, astrology, etc. in an attempt to provide real support to all those who accept this type of concern-attention, most of the materials in this section are offered to you for use and not as a basis of your gestures and actions, regardless of the effectiveness you will find with the use of elements inserted here.

Către paginile multimediaMultimedia

            Multimedia information elements from the gaming world, utilities software related to the materials under section "Study" (including multimedia materials related to these courses, regardless of their orientation, made by me or other people who offered me the materials for web broadcasting), links to information materials in the movie world, various youtube groupings, etc., all of which are a kind of multimedia group of training, information and entertainment.

Către paginile distractiveentertain

            All that is necessary for a pleasant party of time, by itself or  "in the gang" comprising a wide collection of proverbs and sayings (grouped in some sort of order), famous quotations and thoughts, jokes grouped under the name  "The Bulă's Centuries", various humorous materials, caricatures, humorous videos (including links to materials that deserve to unwind and make you forget about the weights of the day, possibly give an extra charm to a party with your loved ones or even unknown).

Dorin, Merticaru