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Collections of literary works (from school programs and not only), referenced, documentary materials, etc (in document form) and/or full multimedia (even either simple links to useful links), including free-character programs that can help retrieve and/ or the drafting of certain materials included in this section, useful for different categories of visitors (orthodox orientation materials grouped under two major areas such as "Milostenie" (Christian mercy) and "Blasphemy" and not only, as well as a kind of personal blog with themes with importance in the life of any of us).

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At this time, this section doesn't have any English content...
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Descriptive elements with technical documentary specificity (in general) such as, descriptive auto collection (minimum information required but also complex, descriptive), moto (the whole section in a wide presentation of over 5,000 producers, tuning and involved), about Romania and its wonders (with geographical elements, administrative, flora, fauna, popular habits, tourist attractions and more details, as well as with local legends gathered from works beginning in 1838), as well as other data collections of descriptive character ( with various topics of approach but with far superior depth of simple documents).

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"The House " of what, over time, I came to name being "The New Dacian Medicine " (a development and acclimatization of much development of  "The New Medicine" present in the last 5 years on this site and its clones on WordPress and Facebook), as well as elements particularly in-depth and grouped in a kind of real course (even experienced by myself and those around me over the years) type "technical" on various IT projects such as creating web sites with the various specific forms attracted to their object, audio/video processing as well as 3D modeling and many, many others (both in document and multimedia form).

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The script of my works, written over a period of more than 30 years ( "The Simulator",  "Gaia requires",  "Coincidences",  "Akar's Case",  "Hotel Room",  "Green Ocean",  "The Prize",  "The Settler",  "The Colonists",  "The Outcasts",  "We are the Sons Lights") grouped into a kind of river-novel under the name "Around the Worlds " (which becomes a kind of interactive web book, in which the reader can choose any line of the story thinks he likes/agrees, but also, as a result, a game that will be released as fast will allow me the time available).

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