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New Dacian Medicine Pages             Here is "house" which, in time, I have come to refer to my work as a study definable entitled "The New Dacian Medicine" ("further called" "NDM", even if I would have liked the name "Medicine Dacian New” - MDN, the initials of my name, Merticaru Dorin Nicolae).
What follows is, by far, atypical to what you usually encounter on the internet... A place where it is not appropriate to find "cures” and/or to receive tips (advice) about your health... Some say... Only the doctors study many and many years to reach where they are... OK, perfect... If you’ve got here, it’s because of a need, curiosity or something else...
            But, in order to avoid such criticizable situations, I designed this site (this section of his own) so that you may be the one who chooses the "path" of going through the inserted material, including the one who draws the conclusions, my effort being focused only to a sort of way to help you/ to understand what you are living through your own efforts... Focused on self-comprehension, on your health status, but, additionally, on other elements discovered and accepted by me in time... For those who want that I’m sure it is the most appropriate place to study, to self-comprehension...
            So this is a kind of a series of presentations of materials, from which you will be the one to choose the depth of browse (choosing to go through the details, and then, eventually, full details) where the course "browse" algorithm is to be permanently controlled by questions. These questions will be 2, 3 or more, depending on the sort of a level of accuracy that is needed to "move on" in the refining of information, to obtain conclusions, in the cumulation of a kind of knowledge and self-comprehension, etc.
            Returning to the much-needed explanations, I say, it started from my attempt to be able to group the paths of a so-called "New Medicine”, having as a source of inspiration/ documentation ways of modern medicine (through the study of medical treats with maximum "recognition"). The purpose was, of course, to reach a sort of line of life (lifestyle), treatment, etc as optimal as possible, as applicable, and of course, as effective as possible. But, after more than 25 years of study, I have come to the conclusion that it is not enough, that this is not the solution (at least as a way of life and not as a „rescue” intervention).
            Any form of aid has no value if the person concerned does not apply them correctly and completely. Then, nor a doctor, Shaman, etc will not be able to straighten a state of things, be it health-related if the person to whom that effort is addressed does not participate. Not even a diagnostic interrogation will have no effect if the „patient” does not work. Then, sets of medical analysis only make a kind of photo of a moment and possibly certify fitting into a set of parameters which delimit something. But without the patient, what means that set of parameters, those shots?!?
            So, everything we can do, the "outdoors” filled with the science, research, wisdom, clairvoyance, etc is to participate in the situation given with a specific mark (patient, collaborator, applicant, etc) and to determine him to do something in way he desired, possibly suggested by us in the idea of acceptance, thus becoming something desired by this element mark...
            For those who wish to refine the previous statements, they will stay "introductory" available by clicking/ touching the link: Details. And, if you have time, through these details you can access even more details (as you know)... That’s how this site is built, at this moment... „Hurrying” read the essentials later they will choose only the summaries, those with some time will read some of the details, others, many, many details... Each with its time budget, its awareness, its consciousness, etc...
            And, it might be something! Why "Dacian"?!? The attempt "knowledge" that I reminded revealed to me that, always or in ancient times, the local medicine (that is Dacian, Asian, Germanic, no matter what), perpetual, and especially perpetuated over time and vicissitudes, certainly almost integrative, far superior to all other forms of medicine, including the current/ contemporary, which is absolutely wrong by treating almost exclusively the effects and not the causes (at least at the moment, because they are the signs of the new "occupation" represented by integrative medicine, that "its realized this"), being mostly an intervention medicine and very little for prevention or other lifestyle actions etc, and to become proud that I can accumulate, synthesize and bring to life everything that is as possible on so important, about the Dacian medical teachings from the realms where we live now (whether we are the Dacians or not, or if we can't accept health or not).
            So, let's get to work! From now on everything will be concise, less detailed, and completely detailed, depending on your choice. So, to access the NMD, simply click or tap here the "New Dacian Medicine" or "Wolf logo" of "NMD" from this page!

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