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To Study - Technical - Dorin M

Paginile Noua Medicină Dacică             New Medicine (Documentary materials)...

Here you will be able to access a grouping of structured documentary materials over decades (already), in a comparative approach between current medicine (classical, allopathic) and the variants of medicine that constitute a kind of source of experience that is increasingly noticeable. especially in therapeutic practices.

This section is for those who have time (or need) to study, with a huge volume of material, exceeding 2 million words, grouped in over 600 web pages (on average, each page exceeding 2,500 words).

Click/ tap on logo ”dacian's wolf” or on title ”New Medicine” to access the documents!

NMD app

            The New Medicine App - W.I.P.

Click/ Tap on splash (image) of New Medicine app (or on this link).

This is the project application that will "translate" the materials developed by me into a kind of personality detector of the person who uses this application.

For start, this app is in the alpha stage (W.I.P. - Work In Progress), but I made this "demo" web-release to get feedback from you, its potential users.

Thanks for your understanding, feedback, advice, etc.

Dorin, M (February 18, 2021)

            I mention that the approaches that will be materialized in the presented materials don't replace the current medicine but only, at most, complete it...

            L.M.S. - Let's make something!

Sigla LMS            This "section" refers to what can be done starting from the use of the computer, in its already unimaginable resources attracted by the "tools" that are becoming from day to day more and more efficient.

            So, there will be materials about operating systems, about "basic" software (such as office suites, the use of virtual machines and, implicitly, the cloud, audio, video software and how to use them, graphics processing suites, building web sites and all kinds of utilities, apparently without much importance) and, obviously, programming software, programming elements, etc...

Click/ tap on logo ”LMS” or on title ”Let's Make Something!” to access!

Dorin M - 21 may 2000