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The New Medicine - App's

Here you will be able to use the group of applications that are developed on the topic of New Medicine. For the "malleability" of browsing, you have at your disposal a form of web-type form of use (which can be used from any device that has an internet browser) and another desktop app, which you can download to your device (currently only on PCs and laptops running Windows 7 or newer).

At this time of app development, you can access the list of material selection items below:

brainwar1. "What is your way of thinking: Divergent or Convergent?" - A kind of psychological test that will deduce whether you are a convergent, logical, analytical person or if you are a divergent, imaginative person. In addition, if you have time, you will also have documentation on this test, possibly on the results you will get (if you are interested in them and choose to go through them);

The "final" desktop app is still in development (and will include not only the Windows operating system but also those of Unix, Linux, and Android).

Its "alpha" form will be released somewhere around 31.05.2021 (all dependent on your feedback, impressions, comments, tips, etc. sent to the email address or included in the comments on  the Facebook version of New Medicine).

Dorin, Merticaru - March 31, 2021