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1. Operating Systems (OS) - Overview, especially Microsoft Windows and Linux.

2. "Basic" software: 2.1. with focus on Office suites (Microsoft, Open, Libre and similar forms), 2.2. on virtual and cloud systems (Azure, Google, IBM, AWS Amazon, Oracle and similar), 2.3. “primary” processing software such as audio, video, audio-video, graphics software, web sites, etc., 2.4. "utility" software and...
2.1. SEO Instruments (Searching Engine Optimization).

3. Programming software and effective programming (“preferentially” oriented towards beginners or “similar” type apps.


4. ”Computers” - Overview (a kind of introduction to what this group of materials would be).
4.1. Purchasing a computer (some general tips useful when buying a computer).
4.2. I have a Computer(... how and why it starts)?!?
4.3. I have a software (... or why a clear hardware-software distinction is made)?!?
4.4. My software uses all the hardware components (general hardware usage)?!?
4.5. I have an operating system (general software usage)?!?

Dorin M - 21 may 2000