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            This  "book"/game, this "river-novel"/game, can be „traveled” from different views of the main heroes, Mircea Dan (male character) or Monique Touran (female character). Choose by clicking on the below on the picture of your favorite character.

            Note: 1. If you want some clarification about the characters, before choosing, you can use these  "Details";

            2. This work is  "in development", which is why, for those caught by its stories, I have the suggestion that you could periodically check the development status (by clicking on this link) or, much more interesting, you can suggest what storylines seem more interesting because I, the author, could have a "hint" for a  "preferential" development (via mail on my address,           

            Thanks for your understanding (and help, if possible),

Mircea Dan

Mircea Dan

Monique Touran

Surori Touran

notă translare/ translation note/ Übersetzungshinweis/ note de traduction/ nota di traduzione/ nota de traducción/ nota de tradução.

                 Dear readers in English,
            Using existing methods of translation (for the Romanian language) have still large gaps, so I proceeded to an effort to achieve, if possible, its translation (and its adaptation) for you. I apologize for the many mistakes but I am sure that my effort gives better results than existing translation engines.
            In addition, your effort to correct this text with your translations are welcome but I cannot reward your efforts, just only with mere mention of your aid, in bottom of text, where it was given and, why not, in the future, you may have a possible material reward, if my adventure will be financially successful.
            Thanks for your understanding (and help, if possible),
            Dorin M