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After just one year of maintaining a cybersecurity newsgroup, I have clearly and certainly come to the idea that this concept of "Zero Trust" is the best way to tackle the craze of today's cybernetics, literally (at least from a personal point of view).
A madness both from the point of view of the real, palpable problem, which often no longer takes into account the real protection capacity (on the "vertical") under the assault of the opposing factors (cyber aggressors, vulnerabilities, etc.) and from the point of view of the explosion (numerical, quantitative, conceptual, blah, blah) of the services (on the "horizontal") that must be permanently adapted to new and new cybersecurity solutions.
So, only from the previous rows, you can quickly deduce what would be needed, first and foremost the Zero Trust, the initial total closure, and, only later, expansion to "open" areas, exploitable, requested, etc.
As a kind of starting point, the ideas that quickly result from going through the news of an entire year (2021) of cumulative news (and it is only about what I could accumulate) attract the following perceptions:
- Zero Trust: A solution to many cybersecurity problems (25.01.2021);
- Third-party secure access best practices - It's time for Zero Trust (31.01.2021);
- Why contextual learning is the solution that email security needs with Zero Trust (16.02.2021);
- NSA launches guidelines on the Zero Trust security model (26.02.2021);
- NSA and Microsoft promote a Zero Trust approach in cybersecurity (27.02.2021);
- ... Identity and Zero Trust must be essential in all business decisions; The importance of a Zero Trust-based approach to identity security (29.03.2021);
- How to avoid four common zero trust pitfalls (including one that could cost you your job) (30.03.2021);
- The creator of Zero Trust talks about implementation, misconceptions, strategy (06.04.2021);
- SASE or Zero Trust? Why security teams should use both (07.04.2021);
- ... the open-source tool allows Zero Trust evaluation of AWS mediums (16.04.2021);
- (adapted) Cloud workloads are secured with Zero Trust; Pushes zero trust barriers to securely connect the workforce (26.04.2021);
- Health organizations implement Zero Trust to combat cyber-attacks (04.05.2021);
- Zero Trust security market continues to grow (19.05.2021);
- Can Zero Trust kill our need to talk about locations? (24.05.2021);
- From VPN to ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) - The evolution of secure remote work (09.06.2021);
- Protecting the hybrid scenario by adopting Zero Trust security (29.07.2021);
- ... SIM security for Zero Trust remote access (26.08.2021);
- Zero Trust is fair to me? ... Design principles of zero trust architecture (02.09.2021);
- The White House (USA) is pushing federal agencies towards Zero Trust (08.09.2021);
- Switching to remote work requires Zero Trust (13.09.2021);
- Widely adopted Zero Trust security solutions, driven by the increase in ransomware attacks (20.09.2021);
- 4 key questions about the success of Zero Trust (07.10.2021);
- ... myths about Zero Trust and misconceptions; Analysis and implementation of a zero-trust national architecture (18.10.2021);
- Network security and IoT in a Zero Trust security model (25.10.2021);
- The increase in the number of cyber-attacks determines the need for zero-trust security (04.11.2021);
- The role of visibility and analysis in Zero Trust architectures; Zero Trust protects against ransomware (10.11.2021);
- The Pentagon is due to open the Zero Trust Office in December (12.11.2021);
- Operational Technology and Zero Trust (16.11.2021);
- ... VPNs for Zero Trust architectures to secure hybrid jobs; Improving access to Zero Trust through a context-conscious security posture (25.11.2021);
- Current State of Zero Trust: Awareness is high, adoption is delayed (08.12.2021);
- IT professionals see Zero Trust as a key element of the security strategy (11.12.2021);
- The passwordless verification API transforms each mobile into a Zero Trust security token (15.12.2021);
- Database built on a Zero Trust model (17.12.2021);
- Zero Trust is not only for IT, but can also protect the targeted critical infrastructure (20.12.2021);
- (adapted) Zero Trust: Perspectives and predictions for 2022 (28.12.2021);
- Supply chains, ransomware, Zero Trust, and other security forecasts for 2022 (31.12.2021).
Note: At this moment the inserted links are only for the Romanian version but, in a short time, everything will be correct ... Anyway, you manage because almost all the links to the documentary materials are made in English.
Which perceptions carry on the idea of adapting to this real and palpable wave of cybersecurity.
Both for the person/team who can cope with the cyber security requirements, the common, unsuspecting user, able to apply some "recommended" suites of commands, to the knowledgeable staff/team, with a certain level of professionalism in cyber security "what matters".
That is why, from this moment on, 2022, from Monday to Friday, inclusive, for the years to come, I will start a conceptual and applied cybersecurity blog that will start with Zero Trust, then the SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) concept and what will come next.
All depending on the logical course of the posts and, why not, the available time (I will focus on not exceeding 1,000 words per post, following its own model "patented" at the New Medicine since 01.01.2014).
Yes, there would be something else... It is a presentation of materials in a "flat" form, for the average interested person, and a "detailed" form for a particularly interested person, without having the slightest idea of distinguishing between "beginner" and "experienced"...
Maybe this approach will have different posts, maybe not, it's all about the content that will appear necessary, starting from the detailed form and, as a kind of conclusion, reaching the concise, flatform, useful only to those who need something to apply and not necessarily to learn.
So pay attention to what you intend! If you just want solutions and you don't need knowledge, go straight to the end of the post or string of posts, where you will find, tick, approve, use, reject, disapprove, what interests you.
And, if you have the time, interest, availability, including if you are a critic, I invite you to the insertion of comments, tips, additions, etc. What you will see fit... Thank you in advance!
That's because I have been planning this project for a long time, and if the "Matrix" of real-life will allow me, I will be working on this project for a long time (my one-year-long toil from "News", already proven, does not give any thought of a lack of consistency).
Dorin M - January 3, 2022
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