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Cyber Security - Sources

Abnormal Security (Website of a cybersecurity company).
AMTSO - Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization.
Agerpres (The cyber security section of the Romanian online publication Agerpres)
Australian Cyber Security Centre (A.C.S.C.) (Official site of the Australian government).*
AV Atlas (The Independent IT-Security Institute)
- AV Internet of Things Blog.
- AV Test.
BankInfoSecurity (Cybersecurity online publication)
Barracuda (Barracuda Product Manufacturer's Blog).
BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) - Tech News (Technology).
Betanews (IT-specific online publication with cybersecurity section)
Bleeping Computer (Technology and cybersecurity information site).*
Blog Group-IB (Interpol and Europol's online cyber security investigation publication).
BlogEsetRo (The blog of the maker of cyber protection products Eset).*
- WeLiveSecurity (Eset Security Community Blog).
Bitdefender News (The news section of the website of the manufacturer of cyber solutions Bitdefender).*
- Bitdefender Blog.
Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (C.S.E.) (Official site of the Government of Canada).
CERT NZ (Computer Emergency Response Team New Zealand - government organization)
Check Point Blog - (Cyber security company blog Check Point Software Technologies)*
- Check Point Research.
Cisco Security Advisories (Cisco Vulnerability Update List).
CISOMag (Prestigious cybersecurity online publication)
Cloud Security Alliance - CSA - (Organization dedicated to the security of the cloud environment)
Computer Weekly (Electronic daily to promote IT news)
Computer World (Online technology information daily).
CSO from IDG (Online publication of news and cyber information useful for business security)
CrowdStrike Blog (The blog of the well-known cybersecurity solution provider CrowdStrike).
CVE Details (The Ultimate Security Vulnerability Datasouce - Trademark MITRE).
CVE Mitre (Identify, define, and catalog publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities).
CM-Alliance Cybersecurity Blog (Cyber Management Alliance Blog)
Cyber Guards (Online publication of cybersecurity news)
Cyber News (Cyber security profile site -
Cyber Readiness Institute (Website aimed at developing cybersecurity knowledge)
Cyberscoop (Specific cybersecurity online publication).
Cybercrime Magazine (Cyber Security Ventures editorial with cybersecurity specific)
CyberDefence Magazine (Online store-specific cybersecurity publication)
CyberEdge Group (Group with a high reputation in the cybersecurity industry)
CyberSecurity Dive (Cybersecurity-specific online publication).
CyberSecurityItalia (Italian cybersecurity daily).
CyberSecurityNews - Security Week (Cybersecurity news online).
Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (C.I.S.A.) (An official website of the United States government).*
- Stop Ransomware (Official website of the United States government)
Cyware Social (Cyber Security News Today).
Daniel Miessler (Online publication based on the personal effort of the site owner).
Dark Reading (IT and cybersecurity online publication).
Data Breach Today (Information Security Media Group Corp. - iSMG).+9 (Inadequate Security Bureau - Cybersecurity News Online).
Dendrio (Romanian provider of cyber and information services)
Digi24 (The cyber security section of the Romanian TV station Digi24)
Directoratul Național de Securitate Cibernetică - DNSC-RO, former CERT-RO. (DNSC)
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF website that provides some cyber security information)
European Cybersecurity Atlas (Online platform for information, expertise, etc. of EU experts)
Europol (The name says it all and has its own cyber security news platform).
Exambeam (Information Security Blog - Blog focused on knowledge of information security)
Exploit Database (Exploit Database by Offensive Security).
Exploit-One (Cyber security information site of a cyber security company)
Fidelis (Well-known manufacturer of cyber security solutions).
Fluid Attacks (We Hack Your Software - Cyber security company).
G'Secure Labs (Cyber security company)
GBHackers on Security (Cyber security and hacking online publication).
Google Security Blog (Google's cybersecurity online blog)
Government Technology ()
Gurucul (Website of a cyber solution provider with a profile blog)
Hacker Combat (Hacker Combat community site, with specific cybersecurity)
HackRead (Online publication specializing in cyber events).
HelpNetSecurity (An independent online news and information site specializing in cyber security).
HP Press Releases (HP news section).
Huntr (Group of enthusiasts in cyber security / open source world protection)
INCIBE (Spanish National Cybersecurity Centre) (Government organization).
IDC (International Data Corporation) (Multinational with prestige in the field of IT and security solutions).
InfoRisk Today (Online publication of cyber security information)
Information Security Buzz (Cyber Security Information Promotion Blog)
Infosecurity Magazine (One of the most prestigious online publications in cybersecurity).+
Israel National Cyber Directorate (Government Organization for Cyber Security).
IT Pro Portal (Tech-specific online publication and cybersecurity section).
IT Security Guru (IT Security Guru website)
JFrog (IT application and technology developer platform).
Kaspersky Securelist (Website of the cybersecurity manufacturer Kaspersky).
- Kaspersky Blog.
KrebsonSecurity (Brian Krebs Security and Investigation Blog).
Malwarebytes Labs Blog (Blog of a cybersecurity application and service provider).
Mashable (Online news publication with a cybersecurity section).
McAfee Blogs (McAfee cybersecurity manufacturer profile site).
Microsoft Bing Cybersecurity News (Bing's cybersecurity news section)
Microsoft Security (Cyber security news section)
NBC News (NBC's online publication - the cybersecurity section)
NCSC Elveția (National Cyber Security Centre).
Network Computing (Technology-focused online publication focused on networking)
NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology - US).
- Cybersecurity Insights.
Offensive Security (Cyber ​​security firm's blog)
Palo Alto Networks (Leader in global cyber security).
Privacy Hub (Cybersecurity and VPN services online publication)
Proofpoint (Specific site with cyber security activities)
Rapoarte/ Buletine săptămânale de securitate CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency).
Reddit - Information Security News & Discussion (Reddit section with cyber profile)
Reuters (Cybersecurity section of Reuters online)
SANS Institute (Cyber Security Information and Training Institute).
    - Sans Cyber Security Blog.
    - Internet Storm Center.
SC Media (CyberRisk Alliance online publication focusing on cyber security)
Schneier on Security (Cybersecurity-specific online publication).
Science Soft (The blog of a major cybersecurity provider)
Security Affairs (Cyber security blog post).
Security Boulevard (Cybersecurity online publication)
Security Intelligence (Cybersecurity research online publication).
Security Patch (Romanian online cyber information publication).
Security Trails (Online publication / official website for cybersecurity solutions)
Sensor Tech Forum (Online publication of cyber security features)
Sentinel Labs (Company providing cybersecurity services and products)
Softpedia News Center (Softpedia news section with many cyber news items)
Sophos News (Website for specific cyber security services manufacturer)
SucuriBlog (Specific blog about cybersecurity and products in this area).
Symantec Enterprise Blogs (Cyber Security Solutions Manufacturer's Blog)
Știri pe surse (Cybersecurity section of the online publication News on Sources)
Talos (Online publication of technological information and cyber security under the tutelage of Cisco)
TechRepublic (Technology-specific online publication that also includes a dedicated cybersecurity section)
Techtarget (Online publication for technological promotion and cyber security)
Techworm (Cybersecurity online publication)
Tenable (Cybersecurity online publication)
The Cyber Ark Blog (Cybersecurity online publication)
The Daily Swig (Cybersecurity online publication).+14
The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (E.N.I.S.A.) (Official website of the European Union cyber security).
The Guardian (Prodigious online publication that also includes a specific cyber security group)
The Hacker News (Cyber security profile site).
The Last Watchdog (Byron V. Acohldo's Privacy and Security Blog).
The Record Media (Cybersecurity-specific online publication)+
The Register (Cyber security information online publication).
Threat Post (Independent publication focused on news and cybersecurity analysis)
Trend Micro (The site of a cybersecurity multinational)*
Troy Hunt (Personal online publication on technology and cybersecurity)
United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre (N.C.S.C.) (Official site of the British government)*
Veracode Blog (Blog post from a well-known cyber solution provider)
Vice Media Group (Online publication with tech news, including cybersecurity)
ZDNet (Online publication of technology news).
Wired (General online publication but also with a security section)
WSJ Cybersecurity (General information online publication with a specialized cybersecurity page)

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