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The water is the most important „constituent” of our body (over 70% … up to 90% of „bodyweight” – the human embryo has 98%) … in fact of this planet, being the most widespread „substance” in the living world, each life being itself a reservoir of water …

In our case, in humans, water supports our well-being by transporting energy and nutrients to cells, but also by eliminating toxins through blood and other bodily fluids. As we age, the percentage of water in our body decreases, and thus wrinkles, spinal deformities, joint problems, etc. appear. When our body does not contain more than 50% water, death occurs. In these conditions, it is not an exaggeration to say that humans are beings made up of water, in principle, being one with it.

By extension, for this reason, it can be considered that water is the starting point of life, the place where it appeared, where it developed, where it escaped and, of course, with the help of which it continues its existence under the condition of its presence. Which manifests itself on this planet in all its forms of aggregation (solid, liquid and gaseous) as no other „substance” can. Moreover, water is the only „substance” that increases its volume when it solidifies and contracts when it moves to the liquid phase. And water is the strongest solvent on this planet, having, in liquid form, the highest surface tension.

But, let’s see where the water from our planet comes from! Scientists have launched many theories in this regard. Some have suggested that after the creation of the Earth, water vapor in the air condensed and gave rise to rainfall, and then to the oceans. Others claim that water existed in the rocks from the very beginning. None of these theories has gone beyond the (intuitive) reasoning phase up to this point.

In 1997, for the first time, NASA observed numerous snowball-like objects falling on Earth from outer space. These rocks have several meters in diameter and fall daily in several thousand. Because of the friction with the atmosphere, when they get close to the ground, they evaporate and turn into clouds. Even if we can consider a possible massive „feed” achieved by colliding with the „Early Earth” with a comet, if we take into account the long history of the Earth, we could consider that these rocks from the cosmos are an important source of water on our planet.

And anyway, theories about the fact that the water on our planet comes from outer space were „launched” a long time ago. However, these theories are rejected by the scientific community because our perspective on the world would be drastically altered, and the entire system of society would be endangered.

So, right now there are a huge number of snowballs (hundreds of tons) falling on Earth every day.

As we well know, any form of existence of matter is, in the coarse mode, manifested by a structure starting from some kind of basic unit (the atom). This basic unit tends to organize, to structure in the form of molecules and then of substances, which substances, in their turn, tend to structure, to organize, and so on.

In the theorized case of water, it consists of 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (without taking into account the other „species” of water such as heavy water, oxygenated water, etc.) named by theorists as the water molecule.

The structure of water is quite different, it is the way the molecules organize themselves. In general, any substance in this universe tends to aggregate, to form groups. Water does not delimit itself from this basic manifestation of matter and forms groups named by scientists as clusters (structured groups of molecules) or bunch.

And from here, everything gets complicated …

Scientists have found that this structure of water does not have a standard manifestation (to form typical structures, characterized as standard), such as the case of carbon atoms that are structured in a cubic lattice forming the diamond. And that’s it.

Water „manages” to form a multitude of structures, all according to certain environmental conditions that do not take into account only all kinds of simple things such as temperature, pressure, etc. but also by other „parameters” among which … the feelings, emotions and the like of the beings who come into direct or immediate contact with the water that has „adopted” the respective structure (or the energies related to these manifestations).

Moreover, water also has a kind of memory of its own, which is manifested by keeping the structure adopted for a certain time, depending on the structure that adopted it, in interaction with the evolutions of the environment in the sense of modifying certain parameters of the opposite or alterative direction of the parameters that originally structured it.

Brrr, hard with this science. But in the end, I’m going to make you understand what these scientists are encrypting in their „advanced” languages​.

Going forward, scientists, many of whom are noted Dr. Emoto Masaru (who studied water and its properties through crystals formed by the rapid freezing of water samples, by immersion in liquid nitrogen container), Dr. Alexander Solodilov, Dr. Vladimir Oeikov, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr. Gerbert Kuma, Prof. Rustum Roy, Prof. Martin Chaplin, Dr. Kurt Wuthrich (Nobel Laureate), Dr. Luc Montagnier (Nobel Laureate), and others have shown (among many others) that this structuring of water can go so far as to be similar to a memory.

The measuring instruments have detected that each „memory cell” (molecular cluster) in the water can have up to 440,000 information panels (basic units) (in a single formed structure), each of them being responsible for its type of interaction with the environment.

But, from the structure, the problem of the stability of these informational structures can be raised. It has already been proven that these informational structures have a longer life than anyone would have expected, as they „benefit” from a kind of inertia, acting with some kind of opposition to the loss/alteration of the structure in which it is found replacing the elements that „left” with new ones, to keep the „achieved”structure previously unchanged or, perhaps, because of the stability of the molecule thus formed.

Interesting, isn’t it? But, don’t forget, any form of manifestation of matter does the same, having its memory, but almost no other atomic or molecular structure „benefits” from the native malleability and „intelligence” of water.

So, from what you have „gone through” so far, we can easily come to the premise that the water was sent to us by someone very powerful, perhaps even by the Uniqueness called by us God, by others Allah, and so on, water being also our Father and our primal Mother, thus becoming all the „Children of God”. Moreover, all living creatures on Earth were created by or in water. In short, this represents the origin of life on our planet and God’s gift to us.

Therefore, all of God’s intentions are stored in the cosmic water that reaches Earth and stores information containing divine patterns in the form of vibrations. To access this information, Masaru Emoto supports the theory that salt is the second element that contributed to the manifestation of information and vibrations.

Thus appeared the seawater, which represents the womb from which all living beings were born. By combining sacred patterns (vibrations) of water with salt, a positive chemical reaction has occurred that has slowly materialized through various forms of life (if you don’t agree with the term „sacred” remember that the universe seems to be finely tuned for life to appear most easily in the conditions here, on Earth – see previous posts).

Now let’s move on to the more serious stuff (even if intuitive, with maximum scientific common sense, the ones presented above are true)!

Regardless of the accumulations of „natural” water (which „lives” and manifests in nature, free of our presence, of humans), it flows in curves to get where it „demands” its circuit by nature.

From the studies carried out (through various samples taken), it was found that the spring water and the groundwater (in general, associated with everything that forms the upper course of the flowing water) make very beautiful, harmonious crystals, visible in the „forced freezing” in liquid nitrogen, according to the technique of Emoto Masaru. On the other hand, the water samples taken from the tap in or near the homes of most of us, the raindrops and the lower streams of the flowing waters form ugly crystals without harmony.

All this is because the initial water, which leaves a spring, or is formed by accumulating flows of several springs, as it „moves” through the external environment, accumulate all kinds of energies, all kinds of „impurifications”. Also, to reach our homes, the water „loses” the natural flow „in curves” and appear the right angles and sharp edges characteristic of pipes or other water transport components.

All this does nothing but „kill”, literally, with each turn, with every right angle, the structured water molecules, the initial ones, those that have at least a vague trace of nature, of life.

If we still live in a city where the water has a closed circuit (in which the water is purified and reintroduced into the supply system), the informational „support” is not only destroyed but another problem arises.

By passing through the chemical purification systems, more or less aggressive, through filters of the most diverse and informational filth, the water reaches back into our homes bearing the memories of chemicals and the violence to which it has been subjected all along this „road”. And, as if that weren’t enough, the water also accumulates all the accessory information, such as the stress of all the „living elements” through and beyond, the fear, the hopelessness, the hatred, and so on.

Here I could insert an old Egyptian story in which, one of their gods (Thot) has to make a meandering road, like the Nile. Everything goes well as long as the road doesn’t have right angles. As soon as they appear Thot is hunted by demons (who could easily hide behind the elbows at right angles). The analogy is not difficult to achieve.

Moreover, in addition to the ones presented above, there is also the treatment of drinking water, especially with chlorine. An attested example is Japan, that began adding chlorine to drinking water in 1948. And in less than two decades (1962), a true „epidemic” of a condition called atopic dermatitis was noted. Until then, few people had heard of this mysterious skin disease, and the known cases were very small. At present, it seems that at least half of the students studying in schools have this disease.

Above all, cases of senility associated with old age have spread enormously. Some even consider them a national epidemic. Of course, people have always struggled with the problems of old age, such as confusion and memory loss, but in recent years more and more older people have come to experience severe dementia symptoms.

This may be because the average lifespan has increased. But, recent studies have revealed a direct link between the fact that water retains the information provided to it and the loss of its quality. This explains why more and more relatively young people (around the age of 40) have started to experience dementia phenomena. And this can be associated with a real explosion of new diseases that endanger life.

So, the main starting point of life, the water, the one that should refresh us to each of our water supplies (remember that we have daily water consumption of at least 2 – 2.5 liters of water to support normal functioning. of vital functions), at every cleaning session (when, through the skin, we „absorb” another liter, even 1.5 liters), it’s not exactly what it should be. Each with his luck.

And don’t imagine that the „natural to the maximum” water in the bottles with plain or mineral water is so vivid that it boasts with the labels. It has almost the same circuit as the drinking water from our taps but, compared to the tap water that it is a kind of a corpse, the one from the bottled bottles gives its spirit in the markets from which we supply.

But, it’s important to remember that everything is energy and, speaking of energy, we must find the solution to replace the lack of energy or negative energy with something good, positive.

In terms of water supply, very few of us have the chance to feed with „something good”. So, I will deal with the problem from a „block tenant from a marginal, poor, ill-famed neighborhood”.

Here, the only chance to have water as high as the quality is possible is to prepare it. If you have access to well water or a classic pump, directly from the groundwater, you have nothing to do but let it „rest” one day in your home, before consuming it (it’s a very practiced, instinctively habit of the country people).

The second step (which can also be performed by those who took the first step described) is the spiritual preparation of water. In this case, we have to deal with a multitude of „recipes” which are more efficient (good words addressed to the water in the container you just filled, which container is indicated to be silver, expensive but worth it, the simple blessing of water, use of crystals, and so on – I will describe as much as possible these procedures in the following posts).

The „scheme” with good words and/or blessings also works with the water with which you will wash when you bathe, showering, each one according to the possibilities. Also, it goes so far that one can practice meditation weekly, every Sunday. A meeting in which each of us should turn our attention to the health and positivity of planetary water.

Another story is now coming, taken from long-untold stories. It is said that the Sun, the male principle, sought his love. And after a short time, he meets on the third Earth a wonderful girl named Water, the feminine, fertile principle. And his burning love descends upon the girl, giving him warmth until, from their great love, Life, the divine principle, was born. And since then, together, they have taken care of their baby Life to grow, to know and to become the proud symbol of their love.

At the end of this post, I must emphasize that it is important to do something in your relationship with water and, implicitly, with you. Each of your efforts will project your awareness of what you want. Then the gratitude you show for each drop of water you ingest (use it) will return to your energies and the circle thus created will grow into a torrent of your power.

We will continue tomorrow with the introductory part about water (to reach the connection with New Medicine as soon as possible) …

Have a good and lean week!

Dorin, Merticaru