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From the „previous episode” I want to continue the „analysis” regarding the „power” of water accumulation, especially in terms of information.

So… Everywhere it passes, water absorbs everything it touches, matter (which incorporates it by dissolution or simply transports it) and energy (with which it does the same thing). However, its chemical composition remains unchanged, and very rarely it „joins” with some elements which can only be hydrogen or oxygen (attracting the „making” of molecules of different forms of water such as oxygenated, hydrogenated, heavy water, or other water species).

From a biophysical point of view, much of the water entering the biological systems (especially in cell structure) exhibit unusual physical properties, such as particularly slow evaporation, freezing at temperatures well below the freezing point of zero degrees celsius, does not dissolve crystallites, does not participate in osmosis, the creation of „disposition” structures in direct connection with the environment in which it is present, etc.

Scientific findings show that this is possible because water has a „bound” structure (clusters type, mentioned in the previous post) under three main forms: 1. Hydration water (unbound water, which does not form structures under ideal conditions), 2 Rinse water (partially bound water, which forms separation, delimitation structures), and 3. Bound water (which „provides” the most unimaginable structures, especially in the presence of organic matter and, implicitly, of living structures) …

In conclusion, hydration water is a mere presence of water in the intracellular structures but the other two types (making up the largest of the water present at the organic level) have a higher degree of ordering, resembling more ice than liquid water.

The interpretations regarding this structuring are different, ranging from those presented by me previously to a structure determined by the macromolecules and ions present in the organic structures that restructure the water around them. From my point of view (of the authors „read” and assimilated by me ) it is obvious that we are dealing with an energetic structuring, even (interpretable) of „classical” chemical interaction.

In this sense come the arguments of the researchers who discovered that the rinse water forms true global sectors of the cell, with static functionalities, and the bound water realizes certain compartmentalization, with dynamic functionalities of storing information, structures, etc („dynamic” does not refer to physico-chemical functionalities because bound water cannot dissolve water-soluble nutrients, drugs, gases and does not allow the normal conduct of chemical reactions).

I could go into physico-chemical details such as: „Hydrophobic molecules cannot make connections with water molecules, the only way to decrease the free energy, in case of dissolution, assuming an increase in the number of hydrogen bonds between the water molecules and the water molecules around the hydrophobic molecule, which is why the water molecules will be organized into crystalline structures in the form of polyhedra with 12 pentagonal faces (dodecadrons) or 16 faces (hexacaidecadrons) called clathrates, in the center of which lies a hydrophobic molecule, the water getting an ice-like crystalline structure but not identical to ice, becoming clathrate (rinse water).

That’s why there will be structures of spatial closure of a system of molecules, such as a shell, of a compartment because the hydrophobic molecules can no longer move freely through water”.

Then: „The hydrophobic bonds exist only as long as the hydrophobic molecules are in an aqueous environment because their formation is due not so much to the attraction between them but, especially, to their rejection by the water molecules (in the thermodynamic sense of the word), that is in linked to the fact that the introduction of hydrophobic molecules into the water results in the increase of free energy and not its decrease.

Macromolecules, especially proteins and nucleic acids, have the property of strongly structuring the surrounding water, as they have both ionizable groups (eg COOH and NH2) and hydrophobic groups (eg CH3 methyl groups). On the other hand, a molecule in an aqueous environment will adopt such a spatial conformation that the hydrophobic groups will approach each other by making hydrophobic bonds and the ionized groups will form bonds through electrostatic attraction.

However, many hydrophobic or ionized groups remain which, due to steric considerations, cannot be engaged in intermolecular bonds. These groups are forced to modify the structure of the surrounding water by forming hydration water around the ions and the clathrate water around the hydrophobic groups.

A certain amount of water is thus linked to the macromolecule, the hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups of the macromolecule occurring spatially periodically, at convenient distances, massively structuring the surrounding water (more than the sum of the simple effects of the groups), structuring the bound water …)”.

„It would be worth mentioning here about the flickering clusters model based on the hypothesis of hydrogen bond cooperativity, in that the formation of a hydrogen bond between two water molecules facilitates the formation of other bonds and the attachment of other water molecules,” resulting in the formation of several hundreds of molecules.

The detachment of a molecule from such a pile (by breaking the hydrogen bond) facilitates the detachment of other molecules until the pile disappears. In this way, in the liquid water, they constantly form and destroy piles of molecules, so that, at any given moment, much of the water is organized in the crystalline network (a fact confirmed by the X-ray diffraction analyzes).

These phenomena are based on the intermolecular forces and bonds that are formed, either directly or under the influence of external elements represented by matter or of the „energetic” factors present around the structures.

The main forces and bonds in liquids are those of the „Van der Waals” type. They are based on the quality of molecules to be electrical dipoles (if the center of its positive charges does not coincide with that of the negative charge). For extremely small time intervals, any molecule is an instantaneous electrical dipole, because the electrons of the molecule are in their most varied positions relative to the nuclei, at that time, and the spatial coincidence between the center of its positive charge and the center of its negative charge is very unlikely at same times.

But for sufficiently large time intervals, through time mediation, this spatial coincidence can be realized within molecules with a symmetrical structure (eg He, Ne, CH4, etc.), such molecules being devoid of permanent dipole moment, however, being able to become electric dipoles induced in the presence of the external electric fields that deform their electronic cloud.

Moreover, some molecules behave like permanent electric dipoles even in the absence of electric fields, including lipids, proteins, and other constituents of life.

And the „demonstration” could continue to argue a certain kind of intelligent „support” of intelligent water behavior, a kind of ability to interact, in particular, with organic structures but also with a possibility of external energy influence.

From here to the famous statement „The universe is finely tuned to create and sustain life”, no more arguments are needed. From here to perceive that water is not water, simply, but clear support, often informational of life, likewise, no more arguments are needed, only taking into account the presence of bioenergy (a simple electrical manifestation or not)…

Other details I will give along. Now there is a need for other and other „stories” that everyone understands. So please consider what I present to you without the need for „scientific” physical-chemical details (what I can provide them on request to those interested).

Yes, there would be some „pure science” to be inserted here.

At the cellular level, water has a particularly controversial, paradoxical, form of transport, in the sense of entering or leaving the cell (inside we have already „noticed” that it is particularly „intelligent” in direct collaboration with the intracellular structures).

The first paradox is the „physical” dimension of the water molecule that is larger than any membrane entry channel inside the cell. So, from a physical point of view, the water does not have to enter the cell, the cell membrane being phospholipidic (waterproof).

The second paradox is that these input channels are based on protein and cholesterol (I won’t go into details). So, the water has no way to get through them. In fact, through these „channels”, which are transmembrane proteins (whether they are attached, anchored, or inserted) all the processes of passage are carried out from and outside of the cell.

In this process, comes the transport proteins that act as a kind of identifiers of the substances to be transited, substances that make connections with these proteins, make the transit, then are released inside or outside the cell (depending on the sense of transport), opposing simple diffusion (which would quickly lead to cell disorganization), ensuring a controlled transit of substances.

In minimal detail, simple diffusion is related to O2 transfer processes. Then, there is a facilitated diffusion, obviously controlled, related to the maintenance of electrostatic potentials inside and outside the cell through ion channels with very high specificity, specific only for Na, Cl, and K.

It comes as a form of diffusion that interests us from water, osmosis. This is done through specific transport proteins called aquaporins (discovered only in 2003, for which the Nobel prize was awarded to another person (American Peter Agre) over the person who deserves this award, the Romanian professor Gheorghe Benga – I used the plural because there are several types), the water moving through simple osmosis only from the diluted (hypoosmotic) to the concentrated (hyperosmotic) solutions.

In the case of aquaporins that are „dealing” with water, their role is to make the water passage through membranes more efficient, so that, on the one hand, the physiological phenomena occur according to an adequate dynamics and, on the other, in the appearance of accidental osmotic imbalances, cellular homeostasis does not suffer dramatically and endangers the survival of the cell.

And, what is more interesting, even if this mechanism is still being studied, is that these aquaporins form membranary channels that have a smaller diameter of passage than the water molecule, with some kind of impossibility of water passage. And, from here, many comments related to the behavior of the water that performs some kind of quantum transfer through these aquaporins (more details on these „wonders” I will present in future posts).

It is important to note that what is constantly changing and what matters most, is the structure of the water arrangement, the water molecules, the one I mentioned in the previous post, and the one that holds the information from the environment. (it is even stated that the whole history of the interactions of the respective group of molecules with the environment is recorded, like the recordings on magnetic media – well, as long as it remains at the time of an analysis of these records).

Research studies used magnetic fields, electric fields, various „resonance” objects as well as the human presence and its emotions. From all these studies it became clear that human emotions, positive or negative, are the most powerful „elements” of influence. So is the music, the written words, even the images. Remember that I presented the electromagnetic „lability” of the arrangement of water molecules!

I can describe to you one of the experiments performed. A group of people was asked to project on a container (glass) of water in front of them very strong emotions such as love, tenderness, caring.

Then the container was replaced with another, and people were asked to project another type of emotion, such as fear, aggression, hatred. The water recorded changes that were obviously in a direction of increasing the energy level and the stability of the molecules (the case of the glass on which the positive emotions were designed) or of decreasing and destabilizing with radical changes (in the case of the negative, aggressive emotions).

One of the most interesting examples of experiments starts from the „words” that come through the religions where water is present as a primordial factor. More precisely those that state: „If there is something to be said: This was in ancient times, before us, that is water and land. And Jacob took the green leaves of poplar, almond, and platan. He stripped off the strips of bark from them and showed the whiteness that was on the twigs. Then he put the twigs, which he had stripped of the bark, into the gutter, into the waterers, under the eyes of the sheep that came to feed, as when they drank, they would lay. And the sheep lay, looking at the twigs, and they made lambs puddled, seins (red grey), and mottled.”

Inspired by this „parable” the researchers subjected the water from an aquarium to very weak pulsating magnetic fields, fields tens of thousands of times weaker than the Earth’s magnetic field. From a scientific point of view, their level is, therefore, negligible. However, the fish introduced into this treated water soon produced an unusual generation of saplings, radically different from those with whom they were related, although they were as similar as the twins. The differences consist in the fact that, on the belly of the men of this generation, gray stripes appeared together with colored spots that were not seen in their parents.

These are called phenotype changes and it is of fundamental importance that these changes occurred not only in part of the new generation but in all, simultaneously. The experiment resulted not only in changing the external appearance of the fish but also in their behavior, as they starting to react to stimuli from the external environment in the same way, as if the whole generation received a collective mind. The conclusion is… Scary… Water changes not only the appearance but also the behavior.

Another famous correlation is the following. With the era of atomic experiments, it has been found that the main harmful effects are not given by the actual atomic explosion and the area that remains irradiated for a long time. The main effect is on the existing water in that zone and the circulating water, the one that is circulated due to the „water circuit in nature”.

More recently, researchers studying the structure of water have concluded that the changes brought about by radiation on the water are terrible, and the water has a pathological structure with the most morbid effects.

For example, one of the effects of the consumption of this water is an exponential increase in suicidal tendencies (the vitiated water depriving the being in which it even reaches the fundamental will to „live”).

In ancient legends, the hero was sent to bring dead water from a place where there is no return. And, according to the ancient tradition, the only place without return from Earth, where there is no life, was born in the place where once existed the destroyed cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, on the shores of the Dead Sea. There is simply no such thing as dead water. And there’s plenty of evidence that there have been atomic detonations. Connections aren’t hard to make.

Then, by logical analogy, the largest extinction of the five, as far as this Earth has experienced, the one called Devonian or „Mother of all extinctions” was characterized in particular by the fact that the oceans became anoxic, full of „dead water”. Then over 96% of the marine life forms and over 70% of the terrestrial ones disappeared (being the only extinction that also affected the insects).

And all this was due to either the irradiation and / or the toxicization of water with substances „made” by a Siberian supervolcano, or due to the irradiation „made” by a supernova (eventually combined). The fact is, it took tens of millions of years for life to get “on the road”. What more can I say?!?

The most relevant experiments remain those in which the molecular structures of water are studied with the help of cryogenics (famous being those published by Masaru Emoto). They are made after a certain „energy treatment” of the water, which will be frozen quickly, thus „photographing” the effect of that intervention (energies) on the water molecules.

Thus, the water under the effect of microwaves has an annular, disaggregated and discontinuous structure, under the effect of radio waves of a mobile phone it has a dissociated, dead, inert structure, under the influence of human gratification emotions it has a strange and beautiful hexagonal structure that presents on every corner of the hexagon a cross, the interior being closed by a symmetrical disk placed, in the case of excuse feelings has the same structure but the crosses at the ends are missing and the central disk is more a hole and the displeasure determines a structure of agglomerate with many edges and tips, without a structure in particular.

These experiments were also performed with water subjected to the vibrations of the music. For example, Bach’s music forms molecules that look like meetings between the forms of gratitude and excuses, Mozart’s music forms structures very similar to those of the meeting between contentment and ecstasy, Beethoven’s music creates structures of contentment with small signs of destructuring, while heavy rock music destroys and disperses molecules…

This is how the destructive effect of water transport through the used water pipes was discovered. The structure of the water reaching an ordinary faucet is crushed by the high pressures necessary for the transport through pipes, from the source to the end-user, dissociated (often missing whole parts from the initial molecules/structures characterized by clear, symmetrical, pleasing patterns), even if it comes directly from a natural spring.

Besides, those who have underfloor heating systems or those who have air vents have been able to observe without the tools of science that the water in these systems is devitalized and rotten. The effect… Hmmm… Hold on! The more destroyed, the more devitalized this water is, the greater its energy absorption effect (without a specific „meaning”, referring to „good energy” or „bad energy”) of everything that is in their proximity or contact (humans, animals, plants).

In this sense, it would be appropriate to describe some interesting „incidents” related to water and its manifestations under the influence of energies (good or bad). Incidents in which the chemical composition of the mix made of water with other chemical substances cannot be taken into account but, in particular, only its structure (proving that the structure is much more important than the composition).

The oldest and most well-known case of energetic (informational) collaboration with water is that of Jesus, who transformed water into wine.

Then it is the case of the abbot Karl Gastinsis, who, according to chronicles, was arrested in 1472 based on false allegations and questioned about the probability that he had generated a diseased state to a lady in high society. While in prison, the abbot was given only a peel of moldy bread and a mug of dirty and brooding water every day.

After 40 days, the head of the prison found that the abbot was not only not weak but seemed to have gained health and power, which only served to inquisitors as evidence that the abbot was connected with the forces of darkness. Under the torture that followed, the abbot acknowledged that he had recited a prayer on the broken water that had been given to him, thanking God for the trials that had been given to him. After that, the water acquired a good taste, becoming fresh and clear.

In another case, in the winter of 1881, the ship „Lara” sailed on a route between Liverpool and San Francisco, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and, on the third day of travel, a fire broke out aboard sinking the ship. Among the survivors was the captain of this ship, Neil Carrey, who recounts…

The water reserves in the lifeboat were quickly depleted and the crew began to be thirsty. After 3 weeks of drifting at sea, they managed to reach the shore. Here, the captain told how they managed to survive. All crew members dreamed of freshwater or imagined that around the lifeboat there was no seawater but freshwater, changing its color from navy blue to the greenish hint of freshwater. This energetic collaboration has truly transformed the water, proof that through the drift all the sailors have consumed that water feeling the taste and qualities of the freshwater and… Survived.

One of the famous cases takes place in 1956 in Southeast Asia in a secret military laboratory where the necessary „elements” of research and development of weapons of mass destruction (in particular bacteriological weapons) were discussed. At the time of the incident, those present were discussing, in a particularly long session, what properties a bacteriological weapon of mass destruction should have.

At one moment, all participants decided to stop the session because they all were experiencing symptoms of severe food poisoning, and… They went to the hospital (not to the psychiatry department, where it should have). Since the military is, by definition paranoid, they launched an investigation to determine what the cause was and, eventually, to blame the culprit.

But, the result of the investigation could not be other than… During the entire session, those who attended it had consumed nothing but water. And any test they performed with the remains of water left after that meeting did not detect any additional substance, although, the investigation concluded: poisoning caused by ordinary water.

Similar cases have been reported by various researchers, historians, etc. A „nice” case is that of a famous winery. One of the masters who coordinated the production, storage, etc. quality wine has gone to retirement. Instead, another master was hired, much better and more famous than the one who had left, and from that moment on, the section he was responsible for no longer produced good wine. All kinds of procedures were applied to eliminate the problems that were causing that the wine is either pork or vinegar and… Nothing.

Then’s when the famous Lazarev was approached to find the problem… The respective master was under the stress of accommodating to the new job and more sessions were needed, more or less spiritual, but related to the resolution of his conflict, before the  quality wine began to flow again (later, I even read in a book by Lazarev that the respective master had changed for the wine to be wine again).

It went so far as to determine that modern technology can artificially structure water. Testing the structured water in a certain way by supplying (with such water) under laboratory conditions some soybeans seeds, it was determined that they emit 6 times more photon radiation than when using ordinary (untreated) water.

Thus, the use of structured water causes faster growth and ripening of vegetables and increases the number of microelements and vegetable proteins useful in nutrition several times. Experiments have determined that up to 20% less water is needed for irrigation when using structured water, almost eliminating the need to use fertilizers (in soil or water).

And, to complete this post (although I can say that we did not start well talking about water) I suggest you to follow, possibly to repeat, the next experiment of Dr. Emoto Masaru.

Take three glasses, roomier, and put in each of them a hand of rice (for the objectivity of the result I recommend to be equal quantities as possible). Then, in each of them, pour water (indicated to be flat, from the bottles that boast of the natural source of the content) until the rice in them is covered. Now comes the hard part.

There follow 3 months in which, every day, sit in front of the first glass and thank them for something positive (possibly label the glasses so as not to confuse the messages.). Then you sit in front of the second glass and leave messages like „You are an idiot!”, „You are a fool!”, „You are a shame!”. And then in front of the third glass, you make „Leave it around!” ignoring it.

After the passage of these three months, you will be amazed to find that the rice in the first glass ferment and spread a pleasant and strong aroma, in the second glass the rice has blackened and in the third glass, the ignored one, the rice is already rotting.

What is described here reveals that having feelings means living… Feelings whose meaning doesn’t matter, whether it’s beneficial or not for us… And, the most destructive behavior is that of ignorance, of indifference which turns out to be non-being, stillness, implicitly death. But I will return to this experiment.

For a „visual perception” of those posted by me, you can „see” the film „The Water”, for other perceptions read the books on the net by Emoto Masaru!

If the day has passed, the week has passed too… Health and increase in all the best!!!

Dorin, Merticaru