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Let’s continue the „short” introduction to the „secrets” of water (episode 3 of this introductory water work)!

Modern science argues that the structure in the body of every human being is identical with the structure of water from where it was born. From the previous post it is obvious that, at the cellular level, the water will have structures oriented towards the constants of the respective place of birth, growth, and, why not, development.

This is not an insignificant detail. I should remind here that, for example, psychology, in almost every evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, the analysis starts from childhood, from that moment of the basis of the development of the human body, the human mind and, why not, has anything else that can be related to them?!?

Therefore, our inner connection with the place of our birth is evident, which will be maintained throughout our lives. And this means that the concept of the homeland has not only a high poetic meaning but also a very specific physical content. Water is not the same anywhere in the world, it is specific to each material place, each energy place. By making its way to the surface among minerals and ores, water assimilates the „encountered” vibrations and information about its specific biological and energy characteristics.

Then, throughout the ”journey” of our life, the water within and around us begins to accumulate information, adapt it, process it, etc. So the sum of our feelings over time determines the structure of the water in us and, last but not least, the water in the bodies of those around us.

This is confirmed by several scientific experiments. One of them, simply, is the use of two glasses in which an „equal” amount of water is put. Then, one of the glasses is exposed to external influences, no matter how they are, which changes the initial structure of the water. Then, the exposed glass is positioned next to the „witness” and is left for a certain time and at a certain distance (not necessarily in direct contact). What do you think you’ll notice?

The water from the control sample will change its structure according to the structure of the exposed one, in a kind of „homogenization” type adaptation (and the experiments have confirmed that increasing the distance does nothing but increase the time interval in which the „adaptation” of the control sample occurs to the structure of the exposed sample).

By „attaching” this information accumulation to distance communication, this is why people who are related or who have spent some time together, who are motivated by the same goal, by the same strong feelings can communicate remotely (this detail is very important).

Everything is based on the exchange of subtle energies between the „waters” with the same structure, which has been in „harmony” for a while (you can extend the term „waters” to the „bodies”/ „human bodies” of the respective persons because over 70% of our bodies are water) … Experiments are also confirmed even when two people are positioned thousands of kilometers apart and they become synchronized in certain activities up to the level of pulse and breath synchronization.

In this sense, the story of a poor shepherd (farmer) known by the name of Ganz from the Enengen, Hessen county, is known. He was an orphan who remembered neither the places where he was born nor even his parents. He set out, at the end of the autumn of 1632, towards southern Italy to look for a better place to pasture.

His journey passed through the city of Walschudt on the Rhine, the Kostanz diocese, a place where he began to feel that these places were known to him, is directly linked to him. Walking, guided by his feelings, he arrived in a bush where he found a spring from which he drank.

Many years later, he would tell his grandchildren how the water restored his memory, so that he could recognize those places, his father and mother, and the house where he was born.

After going through all the water materials (so far), what could be the conclusion of this fact? Wasn’t the water structure in his body activated by the subtle energies present in the water of the spring from which he drank? Or, can we not go further than that, the spring water transmitting the elements needed to restore the molecular structure of the water in Ganz’s body, restoring all the „memory” elements lost through their uselessness?

Going forward, we reach the extension of our reasonings to the global effects. What we do does not only affect us. Thus, as long as we can influence those around us or those with some similarity of water structure with us, we should pay more attention to the fact that our daily actions are more important than we think. And why not, our actions become linked to the entire planet, then to the entire cosmos (universe).

Can we overlook the fact that water plays an important role in the process of information exchange, water being the environment through which all nature is governed??? This leads us to the idea that the universe system exists as a single perfect organism, that all its parts, including us and our earth, are inseparably linked by information lines (small or „river”).

For example, scientists have observed the structure of water during solar eclipses as well as the Schumacher-Levy comet. It turned out that a tissue culture placed in the water a week before a solar eclipse, when it was far from occurring, was already beginning to slow its development.

And clean water doesn’t just have these qualities. For example, the cleaner, more natural (therefore, more energized) the water, the more flammable it is (not to be understood flammable) in the sense that the water itself burns, and the reason for which it behaves in this way is represented by its structure.

Burning, in rigorous scientific terms, is an oxidation process in which heat and light are transferred. In the combustion process, we have oxygen that is continuously activated and a certain organic matter that burns continuously. In the case of water, it burns at room temperature, and the light emitted can only be detected by the use of special measuring devices, the process is carried out over a longer time.

As a proof in this respect comes the increase in the use of diesel fuel in diesel engines by using water (as clean as possible, not potable water, distilled or otherwise, synthetic) by up to 20%. This fact is known from the 19th century, that pure gasoline only burns with such a low water content, and so on. The bottom line is that, to burn anything, it doesn’t matter what, but to have the quality to burn, you need a small amount of water?!?

Let’s not forget about the surface tension of the water (of which we initiated some „elements” when discussing the rinse water, etc.). One of the details of this behavior is the ability of water to form a particularly resistant surface pelicula.

For example, scientists have observed (for a long time ago) that the water, the cleaner it is, the higher the surface tension, and the greater efforts are needed to „break” its surface. Molecules of dissolved substances (especially gases), interspersed between water molecules, making it less resistant.

Purified water, even if not totally (there will always remain a certain amount of bound molecules or impurities represented by other substances), has an amazing resistance. To break a column of (purified) water with a diameter of 2.5 cm, a force of approximately 900 kilograms must be exerted. Such resistance is characteristic of certain types of steels.

And that’s not all … Scientists have established that for breaking such a column with pure water, a force equal to 95 tons is required (be careful, this is not about the incompressibility of water).

Now is the time to answer a rather natural question: Where is (where can I find) the cleanest water (but this is in terms of its structure, of the minimal energy intervention that could structure the water other than some kind of an „optimal structure”, typical of „uninfluenced” water)???

Specialists say that this water is in Venezuela, on a natural platform called Roraima. There the water is in a unique, virginal state and, according to the measurements, it has energy levels 40,000 times higher than the drinking water to which most of us have access (which is why specialists say that the „Roraima”’s water seems to be a completely another substance). And, this type of water can immediately activate the human body (or any other living body or even ecosystem).

Then, let’s not forget that all the abundance of water on our planet „has” only 1% fresh water available. This reserve of water has been practically unchanged since the beginning of human history, although the population has grown steadily. But even then, there would be enough water for all people if there was no polluting attack on today’s human civilization.

Discouraging?!? The cleanest water is the one you have at your fingertips, provided you know how to purify it, charge it energetically with prayers, blessings, good words, good music, a good mood that you have „at hand” when you „prepare” your water, even in a glass, just a minute before drinking it.

But the „external intake” (the glass of water I mentioned earlier) is not enough to produce a sustainable purification. If you remember from the previous posts, in our bodies there is almost only water. Purify this water as often as possible with your positive, constructive feelings to educate yourself to have them (or simply have them)!!!

To give you a boost, I describe a medical experiment. Blood is taken from a patient with serious heart disease. Using the microscope it can be seen that the red blood cells of the patient have lost their electrical charge, which is why many of them are crowded into a formation called „roll”. These rolls can also be combined to form „simplasts”. These are the clear signs of existence (through their association) of heart disease, arthritis, and lung disease, along with many other disease states that may occur in the future.

This is where our experiment comes in. The patient from whom the blood sample was collected is asked to drink a glass of „structured” water. After 12 minutes, the blood is collected again and, under microscopic analysis, the red blood cells have become floating, slippery, electrically charged, regaining their quality to repel each other and to no longer form simple diseases (rolls/agglomerations), thus increasing the useful surface for oxygen transport and changing the pH of the blood to the specific values ​​of an aerobic environment (and not to an anaerobic one, as was the case in the previous one). Thus, the doctor of medicine Perl Laperla has nothing to do but to find out how beneficial is the effect of a single glass with structured water.

Moreover, traditional Chinese medicine (in fact of that geographical area), has been based since ancient times on the vibrations and resonance of the water content of the body, the pulse indicating whether the resonance tone is correct. It is believed that the pulse can be strong, weak, cold, or hot. Based on this, an experienced doctor performs an energetic scan of the body, makes a diagnosis, and reacts with the treatment.

One such doctor asserts that “We do not work with water, because the human being itself, the human body is water. The being simply recites the mantras to restructure the bad water that it has inside it”.

And, implicitly, this is found in all the earth’s beliefs and religions, either through the practice of prayer before a meal or through the frequency of vibration (that of about 8 Hz, which corresponds to the frequency of oscillation of the terrestrial magnetic field, present in almost all incantations, religious songs, chants, etc.) during the prayer.

And, a prayer spoke with love certainly produces a harmonious structure in the water, which is in tune with absolutely all the liquids (fluids). It is also certain that when we sit to have dinner it is good to forget about all the current problems, seeking to have the best mood as possible and to be careful with who we eat (especially if we know that they are cruel and aggressive people) because that dinner will make us tired and impure.

So don’t forget!!! Many researchers believe that the thought or intention can be impregnated in the water, like a prayer. Nothing more wrong or insignificant (the word is of some importance but rather small, the basic effect is „attracted” by the faith associated with that word, gesture, etc. by the „issuer” of his/ them). So, faith is important (purity of feeling, living, etc.).

And, by faith, I refer to what the „issuer” believes concerning his gesture or, at least to the word „issued” and not to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or the like.

Nothing is impossible for the believer. „If you have faith like the size of a grain of mustard you will tell that mountain to move. And it will move”, it’s written in the holy books (all these books containing stories about people who were able to perform miracles because of their deep spiritual knowledge). And the mountain we remember that is only a metaphor, but it helps us understand the power of faith.

But, it is worth noting that you should not forget that the belief in coincidences is neither scientific nor religious. From the scientific point of view, there is scientific determinism, while from the religious point of view there are things that are done, which are.

Coincidence is a way in which people want to escape, bypassing any responsibility. Just as the scream of a mountain bird can generate an avalanche, or as the movement of the wings of a butterfly can change the weather across an entire continent (the „Butterfly Effect”), scientists can trigger global processes in the same way. only by the power of thought.

Not even a single scientist who is familiar with systems theory doubts that. It is simply about waiting for a moment/ event when the system is in a state of instability. In a state of instability, the mere movement of thought is sufficient for the system to begin to change.

And, this state of instability, in the case of a sick body, for example, is given by the permanent struggle of the body to return to a state of optimal functionality, of „health” as we profane people say, the state of „disease” being, obviously, a state of instability. So, we are talking about a status that can be easily destabilized, in the sense of the ones stated above, towards the state of „health” (but also vice versa, unfortunately).

Over time there has been unwavering evidence of sick people who have healed or at least felt better through prayer. Even holy water, when it is poured on sick animals or dying plants, has miraculous healing qualities. What stops us from going ahead and helping our body to complete its mission (or of the Holy Spirit)!

As an additional argument, I can present you a simple experiment, performed countless times (since its presentation). One researcher asked 500 people all over the world to pray for a water sample that the researcher placed in a certain place.

The prayer they had to say was as simple as possible: „The water from the X place became clean. Thanks!”. After only 3 (three) minutes the crystals of the water before the prayer were compared with those after the prayer. I must also point out that from an amorphous crystallization, typical of tap water, a perfect crystallization of clean spring water resulted?!? Therefore, the mere human intention has the power to change the structure of water. Fortunately, no matter how degraded the water is, it can change its structure in response to our positive thoughts, thus giving birth to the best water.

And so, finally, let’s see what „extra effects” prayers have on the water! In the experiments, the water reacted to the individual words of the prayers regardless of the language in which they were spoken, forming particularly beautiful crystals, the structure of the water thus proving to be full of purity and energy.

This means that the conception of our nature coincides in every religion (it can be read regardless of religion). The Christian prayer forms the hexagonal crystal having multiple cross corners and the central disc resembles that of forgiveness, the Buddhist prayer forms a delimited, fine hexagon, almost ethereal, with ornaments equally subtle in its corners, the Muslim prayer forms a hexagon that seems to have placed in its corners a mosque roof, etc. Interesting, isn’t it?

Tuesday’s „three bad watches” are just an invention! You will have a good day!!!

Dorin, Merticaru