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And, with this post, let’s finish what I can present to you about water, in direct connection with everything that will be inserted on the „New Medicine” line.

Einstein once said, „I would like to know what He thinks, which is God. The rest is detail. I would like to know how He created this world.”

Starting from this idea, human history records the perceptions of „time” with the starting point of water… For all peoples, to stand before a deity, man must be clean.

Thus, in all the religions of the world water becomes an intermediary that unites man with the Creator (with the deity concerned). The Jews perform ablutions in the „micwass” ritual, for Muslims the ablution is necessary before each prayer, in the Christian religion the baptism is related to water purification (the baptism performed by John, the mystery of the baptism taken over in the Christian churches – it is known that, the divine energy, which in the church language is called Grace, thus descending upon the being).

Then, without considering water as a kind of connecting element with the deities, especially to the people who value the value of water, either because of its scarcity or lack, it is a kind of guarantee of normal behavior, of normality, and, even more than that.

There is a legend among the Persian Sufis that sounds like this… Once upon a time, there was a wise man who said that the day would come when all the water in the world, except for the specially made reserves, would disappear and his place would be taken by ”another” water that will take the minds of anyone who drank from it.

Only one man took the prophecy seriously and began to make water reserves. And, the day that was foretold came, and slowly, as the thirst quenched, all people lost their minds (went crazy).

But the man, who had listened wisely, because he drank only water from the reserves he made, remained untouched by the madness of the world. And he remained the only whole man among the lunatics and everyone started saying that he is crazy. And he, to live in the world, he poured all the untouched water and began to drink water like all the others, driving him insane too, coming in line with the world that said in unison that he had healed.

Besides the fact that this story confirms the research of scientists who say that the structure of the water determines the behavior (so the answers) of the brain, we should not ask ourselves what this story is? What is its purpose? How many ancient people knew about the value of water? And why do we know (or recognize) so little now?

And, as I said in yesterday’s post, drinking water (sweat) has the same volume. Only the number of people increases (alluding to a famous „word” which states that, „Intelligence is a constant, the number of people increases”).

And, nowadays, there is more and more talk about drinking water reserves. I wonder why? Somehow, we should be less interested in oil reserves, gold, or others, and be more interested in water reserves. And our country, Romania, has one of the largest and most qualitative reserves, at least in Europe.

Eventually, if we escape from the „madness” acquired in ancient times, regaining our wisdom, would it not be good to be interested in the real quality of the water we consume? Or, maybe just as important, wouldn’t it be good to pay attention to our thoughts, our feelings?!? Or who knows…

By the way, did you know that every year, more than five million people, half of them children, die from water… Especially its absence… And that means ten times more than they die in wars every year?!? Or, five (5) times more than the total number of victims (1.1 million) in the complex of the three concentration camps (Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Monowitz) that formed the „complex” Auschwitz („activity” provided by the Nazis during 5 years – 1940 – 1945) and more than the total number of victims in all Nazi concentration camps (4.5 million people, after „Yad Vashem” – in a period of 15 years, 1930 – 1945).

And there would be something to be presented (if I still remembered the most miserable manifestations of the Homo sapiens species). Sometimes we have to deal with certain emotional outbursts that generate negative results. Why don’t such reactions erupt in churches or cathedrals, at classical music concerts such as those of Bach or Mozart, and others??? Why do they appear at some sporting events (especially football, hockey) or rock music concerts (or other aggressive forms of music expression)???

Did you know that experiments show that aggression generates an acute change in the structure/memory of the water and such water can cause an aggressive state to a calm (balanced) person, until the moment of ingestion of that water (exposed to the energies of the mentioned events)?

Experiments always show that hatred, anger, and even boredom not only exert a negative influence on other people but also provide us feedback (response). Maybe not necessarily due to bioenergy’s emanation, maybe not necessarily due to the mental lability of to the „involved”. Maybe, simply, as a result of the reaction of over 70% of us… Who knows?!?

As strange as it may seem, evil acts easier and simpler. This has to do with the receptivity of human beings, who always perceive more serious things (dangerous or threatening). It may be an ancestral reflex mechanism, of reaction to danger, when the lion attacks or molasses the neighbor’s body, but this weakness exists in all of us.

Then it would be the reality that to do a good deed, for example, a house, you need to know how to make a house, materials, effort to build it, etc. But to do bad, to destroy it, it is necessary but to put out a fire. And all the good deeds, coerced, months in a row, possibly generations, will go.

Then, have you ever thought about the truth of the so-called „flock spirit”!!! The subtle energy infusion and/or the acute modification of the water structure can be a pretty serious answer… So, do you know when your own mistake (or your sin) returns to you through another person, although, essentially, there is only one unit (something similar to hitting one hand with the other, removing one eye, as a punishment … with the help of one hand – because whatever you do wrong returns not as a punishment but as a result)?

It’s the result of our considerations, of those who determined our behavior. Scientific studies have shown that, for example, the sympathetic nervous system of man does not make the difference between good and bad. He simply performs. But he knows if he did bad or no. Just evaluate.

By analogy with those over 70% of our body (represented by water) how hard would it be to realize the neutrality of the boomerang type reaction that does not make the distinction between another’s body and his own body, between another’s situation and his situation?!?

Experiments have shown that most and most serious crimes occur especially in the areas where people most outwardly their hate, aggression, etc. (especially by simple swearing). Whoever resembles is assembled or at most tolerated. The common energy will overwhelm a certain place, where it is present.

One example is the swearing „Idiot!” produces a clumping of the water molecule giving it a look of crumbling bubbles, of formless boiling. Then „I hate you!” completely disaggregates the structure giving the appearance of „butter spread too thin on a slice of bread, of something unsustainable, without support, and so on.

And the transformation effect is not only found in the „target” of the energy manifestation. The emitter will realize the transformation before the actual manifestation of his being, launching something that already exists in him, into a kind of teleportation effect of its state on the target.

The power of „manifestation” is also present in the case of inscriptions (and the same behavior of „energy communication”). Thus, by positioning hieroglyphs, words, etc. on the experiment glasses it was found that the molecular structure of the water changes in direct relation to what the inscription expresses, that hieroglyph (even in the case of the words „neutral” or even in the name of some personalities).

The word or symbol for love has given the water (criogenate to see the structure) the shape of an ethereal ring, the word „soul” has the „ring” of love but much more etheric, of special beauty, the word “hope” has born a hexagon very close to that of “prayer”, of the connection with the divine, the name „Mother Teresa” forms a hexagon similar to that of “prayer”, more matte, more compact, the word „gratitude” gives birth to superb crystals, as symmetrical as is it delightful while the word/name „Hitler” forms a structure almost similar to that of “hatred” or “war” but more pronounced, more obviously destroyed, without structure.

And finally, after countless experiments, it has been determined that there is not a single word that achieves the best water purification and the strongest structure, but the reunion of two, “Love” + “Recognition” (Understanding).

Many scientists believe that what is happening in our world today, all-natural disasters (hurricanes, tsunamis, weird weather everywhere, wars, terrorism, and all the fears we experience, etc.) are a result of individual behavior (cumulatively, massively, obviously) wrong and it works the other way too.

Also, the fact that we pollute the waters massively, that we increase our indifference (and you have seen in previous posts that it is more deadly than the aggression or the love) and thus the relative inertial support of the water in nature disappears, which could temper the actions favoring „calming”, removing acute outbreaks of negative manifestations.

If it were understood that the phenomenon of structural memory allows the water to record everything that is happening around it and this against the possibility of its connection with all living systems together, things would be quite different. We are, each, links in the endless chain of information, each of us, being also such a source of information.

Remember, each of our actions, a thought, an emotion, a spoken word separates from us and becomes an integral part of the global energy-information environment!!! Information misery poisons the water, accumulating gesture by gesture in his memory. What happens if this process continues under the pressure of an increasing number of transmitters (people)?!?

And, don’t forget that the good energies will reward, the bad energies will do their job, without a mechanism of „cancellation”, compensation. We will enjoy the good deeds, as we will live the „punishment” for the bad deeds. All these experiences will have it.

We cannot ignore the fact that the water is endowed with a capacity of self-purification, which takes place at the moment of the passage between the phases of the water circuit in nature, when it evaporates and then falls in the form of rain, or when it freezes and then melts, shaking from informational misery to maintain its basic structure, that of sustaining life. But can we rely on this forever?

And, as the Universe was created by the Absolute, by the source that produced the entire existence and its physical and/ or spiritual manifestations and we all have a small part of the water of the Primordial Ocean, every word of ours is like a drop of water, an environment of thought, a source of information and we all have to reward the Absolute with Love and Recognition (Understanding)!!!

That’s all and nothing else… There can be no reproaches, claims of personal value, nothing. That’s all he’s able to do and deserves the best. Possibly to be improved by the good brought by us, thanks and… I’m not resuming…

So don’t forget!!! And, to strengthen your faith in your power, in the power of manifestation, I can convey to you that, following the experiments, it has been established that it is enough 1 (one) gram of structured water to „restore” (change) 6,000 (six thousand) grams of destructured water (whether the reverse is possible and is more „awkward”, easier to achieve)!!!

Also, don’t forget that indifference causes the greatest harm to life, to the living being!!! Don’t forget this, in the case of children, in the case of anyone and, especially, in the case of politicians, those who can bring peace or general drift!!!

I will finalize this group of posts presenting you a kind of miracle, of the „water” miracles (not shown in the previous „rows”), only and only from a material point of view.

We are born in water (the amniotic fluid), at birth we are „made up” from about 90% water, we will drink it, we will cook with it, we will wash (inside and outside), we will sing or dance in it, we will swim in it, skate on it, build our dreams or fears with it.

Water is „responsible” for everything that dissolves in it and ensures the proper functioning of our body (minerals, oxygen, nutrients, useful metabolism products, or „to be eliminated” such as carbon dioxide, urea, and other compounds). So, destroyed water will oppose normal processes.

All this because the water is a true „super-solvent”, but also super-„selection” through the clusters that form them at the „inside” of the cell (we will discuss some of these in future posts).

And others like that. But these are statistics you can find on the internet too.

But, it’s the case of a kind of „high-tech” end of this post … It’s worth remembering that the „adventure” of understanding and theorizing the physicochemical nature of water has remained an important objective of the world of science.

This is because, despite the very simple form of the water molecule, the complexity of its behavior is quite astonishing, inexplicable. The complexity that arises, first of all, from the different forms of manifestation of hydrogen bonds, polarization phenomena, and others like that.

Although the times we live in offer new generations of force field generators to identify quantitative modeling of water and/or other properties. However, among the available simulation methods and methodologies, there are also quantum effects on the water structure (especially in the „zero-energy point”), only the first principle of molecular dynamics such as Car-Parrinello (CPMD) offers the possibility of a consistent study, free of essential parameters free from electronic polarization and quantum nuclear effects. Otherwise, any experiment without using quantum theories it doesn’t lead to an acceptable result.

Until recently, in researches, for comparability, complete „supports” of quantum mechanical simulation (electronic and nuclear) were included, based on a massive informational/computational support. With their help, many of the previously existing ambiguities were eliminated, especially based on the structural consequences attracted by the effects of the „zero energy” point regarding the hydrogen bonds of the water molecule.

This „energetic” point led to the idea that the increase of the dipole moment is all-encompassing, with the shortening of hydrogen bonds in water, can be compared with the pure nuclear dynamics (related to D2O), demonstrating that all water qualities are given by variations of atomic bonding of hydrogen, oxygen being nothing more than a kind of base, reaching the molecule of the HO2 form (compared to the „classical” H2O water molecule).

Furthering the studies did nothing more than to demonstrate that this behavior of water is explainable by accepting the dual character of water, both material, and wave, defying the laws of classical physics.

And, the surprises are much greater when it comes to this perception at the level of life, at the level of living cells. Klaus Hornberger’s team studies (in 2012) show that all particles in a living cell with weights less than 7 kilodaltons no longer behave like matter, manifesting dual (particle-wave), all particles becoming waves (wave packets).

I will describe the experiment and the summary. There created some sites, slab plates, to which different particles were propelled. These slits were reduced until it reached a dimension through which, effectively nothing could pass. Well, except for any particle under 7 kilodaltons, which were somehow behind the slits, passing through them (even if, physically, this was impossible).

The elements/instruments/systems of measurement, the interference diagrams determined undulating manifestations, the particles becoming waves where they pass through the slots. Interestingly, these manifestations appeared only at the exit of the slits, the „wave behavior” not being recorded.

Well, nothing spectacular?!? Apart from proteins and DNA, all types of molecules in the living cell are less than 7 kilodaltons: water molecules, various ions, lipids, amino acids, etc. It follows that almost everything related to the living cell is not subject to the rules of classical physics but only to those of quantum physics. And, for everything to be even more surprising, including the larger molecules of this 7, it seems to behave „quantum” in the living cell. More directly, there’s energy.

Suddenly here’s how it becomes possible for the water molecule to pass through the aquaporin filter. Here’s how a molecule (water molecule) twice as large as the aquaporin channel can go „in” or out of the cell. Using De Broglie’s equation and calculated the „transfer” wavelength of water it was found that from two wavelengths the water can pass such an aquaporin.

Then, by putting things „head to head” for you, I point out that this is not about the transfer of matter but, yes, of information. Remember that every second the cell membrane is „transited” by about 3 billion water molecules! There are more molecules than all others that transit the cell membrane per unit of time.

Going forward, the living cell is represented by an indescribable agglomeration of organs, corpuscles, structures, molecules and, I hope you haven’t forgotten, water, structured or not. So, here’s how to explain the rapid reactions, with the help of quantum physics, dual behavior, energy, waves.

A wave characterized by a certain length, its length can interfere constructively or destructively by amplification or cancellation with the wavelength of another molecule. Moreover, they can be very easily encountered by resonance. Interference thus becomes a very simple and efficient process.

Yes, in the end (if necessary), to better understand, I describe the case of the synapse (dendritic or axonic, it doesn’t matter) to a neuron. The space of a synapse is around 40 nanometers and is the place where the mediator is discharged, the neurotransmitter (dopamine, norepinephrine, etc.), which will transmit nerve impulses.

The laws of classical physics describe this process with a speed that doesn’t quite „beat” with reality (from certain considerations, enough) while the laws of quantum physics precisely determine this speed. Why? Because quantum physics considers and demonstrates that the release of the neurotransmitter is not a physical release of matter but it’s a release of energy wave with the wavelength exactly the size of the synapse. So, practically, nothing is broadcast but it’s simply transmitted directly as information.

Beware of the bad or aggressive! If you can’t do anything else, bless them (even in thought) to protect yourself but also to „soften” their energy!!! And, of course, you’ll have a better day or life!!!

Dorin, Merticaru