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It’s been a year since the beginning of my posts, and I find it useful to make some additions to my water posts. Someday, in a kind of the first transition from “study class notes” I’m going to restructure the order of posts to give them fluency. But I think there’s plenty of time before then because I have a lot of things to do.

First, I will start with a series of questions which, as with Erick Von Daniken’s „Memories of the Future”, I would not like to be considered by critics as statements.

Question 1: Why did one of the leading researchers in the field of water structure, Emoto Masaru, publish his work only when his wife set up their own publishing house (all editors contacted by him refusing to publish his first work, „The Water Message” – to be later published in millions of copies (but too few to reach a large mass of people) and translated into over 45 languages?

Probable answer: In this agitated world that is approaching to a big „turn” in its evolution (multiple crises with increasingly significant „amplitudes”, reduction of natural resources, new health problems, perception and understanding of reality, and many, many others) are less and less people who know how to live in harmony with nature and, implicitly with water (the predominant part of nature), the one who, we want or not, allows us to exist.

And that’s because everything seems to be „framed” in an era of chaos. Chaos describes a state of confusion, characteristic of the disorganized matter that existed before the primary structuring of the Universe. The mere fact of following our course of life makes us discover ourselves tired and exhausted.

The media bombards us with information, and at work, we are constantly confronted with problems and misunderstandings, and not only there. The sources of our problems seem numerous and overwhelming. This is very likely to be a fact of life no matter where in the world we go.

This tiny planet of ours is far too dominated by conflicts of all kinds (economic, family misunderstandings, ethnic prejudices, „power” or religious wars), environmental damage, and many, many categories of unimaginable problems. Also, all the bad news about people in distress, people who enjoy suffering, about people who become richer or poorer, about the oppressed and oppressors, reach us in a few seconds from the other side of the globe.

And that’s against the backdrop of the fact that the world is becoming more careless and more divided than ever, and the Earth is becoming a place where survival is even more difficult, contrary to appearances. We are already plunged into chaos, and the problems of the world seem to be deepening incessantly.

Why is all this happening? Let’s give, however, an answer to the above question! We want to maintain this chaos. The fact that water shows us that the purest and closest vibration to what might be called God is „love-gratitude” should not be known because, thus, there would be no chaos. „Who needs this chaos?” is not the subject of these lines.

It is true that she, the water, teaches us that the only real values ​​are love and gratitude, the elements that structure/represent the essence of life.

Question 2: Why is it increasingly obvious that the main value of a nation is not gold, oil, or the like („values” used by people at this time) but its water and it’s quality?

Probable answer: In addition to the „possession” element, so characteristic of current social structures and their manifestations, „matter” that allows the manifestation of the power of certain persons or groups of people, the real problem arises from the massive damage of the water available to the majority.

It is a „convoluted” statement, but think about our evolution as long as our access to water or its possible purification cannot be within the reach of a majority that could ensure balance?

I don’t want to make you imagine the apocalyptic „stuff” with water that vampirizes us energetically and „gives” us what we deserve, extinction or, at least, anger, depression, hopelessness manifested permanently through structured „erroneous” water, which can attract all extinction.

I should also mention the water that, from the rain that brings life and blessing, has become more and more evident into puddles who „pillaging” everything in their way, punishing those who find themselves in the destruction of the forests that purified it and loaded it with live, or that simply manifesting our feelings stored in it? Blah, blah, blah … Good „stuff” has no way to go.

Let me mention the water that becomes a kind of punishment by its acidity. Destroying not only the „yields” of crops but also the historical vestiges and many, many more.

And, last but not least, it would be good to „remember” the struggle of the great „capitalist” powers to have ownership over quality water sources. Why? Simple, to maintain the current system that gives them power and takes away from us the power of enlightenment, of pure manifestation of understanding, love, and gratitude. And further, I will not go on to answer question 2, because it is not the subject of these „debates”.

Following the studies of physicist Lisa Randall of Harvard University, who tried to prove the existence of a higher dimension, more and more people began to call the „Kingdom of God” as this fifth dimension (the next one in which it seems we exist now). It contains invisible information for us and is said to greatly influence the world in which we live.

From here and from the finding that water is the essence of life, representing the all-encompassing element of life, it is not hard to imagine that water can unite, relatively easily and concretely, our dimensions with the fifth dimension, representing the binder between this world and the spiritual one (of God – it would be good to understand here that God is a term that is intended to be an element of identification of „Oneness”, „Divine Power”, „Supreme Spirit”, etc. having nothing directly related with one religion or another), understanding the role played by water leading automatically to living a life under the truth of God.

These are added to the researches and affirmations of different somities of the world of physics, chemistry, and biochemistry that suggest that the universe is finely tuned so that life can appear almost anywhere and, especially, in direct connection with water.

It almost suggests directly the existence of a creator, of an unimaginably large „power”, present anywhere and in all, unknown to science but demonstrably at any moment. And often the word „God” (or His counterpart in the various beliefs) is used.

God cannot be seen with our eyes and they will never know precisely how He created everything, implicitly life. This is not to deny and does not eliminate the fact that the Divine Being does not exist, on the contrary, the more this is analyzed, the easier it is for us to believe in a divine creator who has conceived this perfectly balanced world.

In this process, the Sun was created to provide a continuous source of energy capable of sustaining life, this energy being transmitted to our planet in the form of vibrations. The moon, „flesh from the Earth” was „created” to gyrostabilize the Earth. and to create the rhythms of day and night, stabilizing the manifestations of cosmic vibrations. And then, the water reached the Earth and began to store and use all the vibrations necessary for the appearance of life.

With the help of God, these vibrations manifest themselves in different combinations of sounds. The Chinese character for „sound” is a combination of the characters for „sun” and „support”, a fact that could express just those stated above. The energy of light appears when several different vibrations coexist in harmony, this being the energy that participated in the creation of all that exists on Earth.

Imagine that you are God or a divine messenger who wants to communicate the „walk of things” to the main „writers” of the Bible. How to explain the fact that the whole Universe, the whole manifestation is nothing but vibration. To show the waves in a lake (or their analogies such as radio waves, etc.) or to make an analogy with the vibration of the air that appears when a word is spoken?

I think you’d agree that the most „handy” was the word. Waves appearing on a lake allow only a simple transfer of energy while a word transmits multiple transfers of energy (essentially being a combination of sounds, vibrations). That is why ancient people called vibrations that allow the transfer of energy as „words”.

Hence the „answer” in the Bible, more precisely at the beginning of the Gospel of John: „In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was from God, and God was the Word.” So, in the beginning, was vibration or, in other words, God uses vibration to create everything, including life (God transmitted the vibration of the Earth and created this wonderful world).

And, as I said, this is not a particular religion, as Christians are not the only ones who emphasize the role of the „Word” as the source of creation.

For example, Buddhists speak of „mantras”, one or more words that have the power to manifest divine/sacred power, its manifestations. In Islam, the Qur’an states that its phrases and words are absolute, as well as the letters used in writing.

The strength of writing and word is underlined in most ancient cultures from all over the world, the best-known example being the Druids (writing is allowed only to certain people and certain circumstances), but also other traditions such as Celtic, Germanic, those on the wilderness of Africa, etc. Finally, in Hinduism, the Sanskrit word „Man” is considered to be the expression of universal truth, and in Asian traditions, the best example is represented by Japanese Shintoism reminiscent of „kotodama”, the spiritual power that resides in words (and which justifies the effectiveness of prayers).

As well as our ancestors, Pelasgians, Thracians, Gets, Dacians, or as we can call them, the writing was forbidden, knowing its power. And there was no need to record people’s deed because everything was going on by “itself” in their society, each one had its purpose and there was no need for words written in the form of laws as long as everyone knew them and respected them. They fully knew the power of the word.

Therefore, the power of the Word is the main condition that justifies the existence of religion itself, practically, the different religions of the world teaching us that the Word or vibration is the basis of the creation of the world.

Going forward, everything that was born in this world is due to vibration, from which we can conclude that any creation is based on a certain frequency. In other words, it vibrates in a certain way. Of course, these tiny vibrations (hado) are not visible but they can sometimes be felt through the senses. Therefore, few people can believe that everything around them, including the wall in front of them, the office they are in, and even their own body, is in a state of continuous vibration.

And yet, in scientific circles (especially those who have „overcome” the barriers of Newtonian physics and entered the „world” of quantum physics) the idea that matter is, in fact, an energy manifestation, that at the subatomic level of elementary particles everything vibrates, is already unanimously accepted.

These vibrations are measured in Hertz (Hz). And, any frequency can be illustrated by the range of the seven sounds: do, re, mi, fa sol, la, si (ti). The simplicity of this model is surprising, but it can represent everything that exists in our universe.

Here’s how we can categorize the infinite number of vibrations into the seven different categories: the keys of a piano oscillate from the lowest octave to the highest octave. Similarly, the seven sounds are repeated from one octave to another, being able to express countless sounds. Everything that exists can be represented in this way, from the lowest to the highest frequencies.

Regardless of how different the vibration frequencies are, as long as they represent the same sound, they resonate with each other. This wonderful system is universal and was created, with certainty, it is called the „principle of resonance” („the law of resonance”).

The phenomenon of resonance can be explained with the help of the tuning fork (an instrument used especially for tuning musical instruments, or for „suggesting” a musical note at music classes – whenever it is hit, a tuning fork „takes out” a precise musical tone).

To explain the resonance, two tunings, for example, tuned to the frequency of the „la” (A) (440 Hz), are required, which will be hit by each other. The „emission” of the „la” note will be noticed by both tuners, in a pleasant resonance (whenever two or more sounds influence each other as a result of their common resonance, we are talking about a resonance phenomenon), which seems to feed and influence each other.

Next, use a 440 Hz tuning fork and another 880 or 220 Hz tuning (or another 440 multiple or submultiple, as it is only about going up or down with one or more octaves, in terms of sound). observe the same phenomenon of resonance and reciprocal feeding (of the tuning forks) with vibrational energy.

The phenomenon of resonance indicates a combination of harmonious vibrations, while the absence of resonance indicates a combination of vibrations that do not „understand” each other, dissonance, lack of harmony, of resonance. So, as long as the vibrations resonate with each other, the outer things will continue to harmonize with each other, regardless of the differences between their vibrations.

If we use the 440 Hz tuning fork together with the 442 Hz tuning fork and hit one of them, we will notice that the second tuning fork resonates but gives a very weak sound. If we hit both frets at the same time they will give rise to a combined sound as ugly and disharmonious as possible. We have to deal with dissonance, that is to say with destructive energy, being able to say that we have to do with the reverse of creation.

So, harmony is „born” through the interaction of at least two „correlated” vibrational elements. And as we perceive the world as being made of material objects, it is straightforward that nothing can materialize without the existence of two energies in harmony and, as has been proven from all points of view, the clearest harmony is that of the elements found in an opposite polarities equilibrium, such as positive (plus) and negative (minus).

Some of the best-known examples include day and night, yin and yang or feminine and masculine. Without these two polar energies, nothing can exist. One is positive or emotional energy (love/faith), and the other is negative or receptive (gratitude/understanding).

Going forward, let’s think a little about our bodies (if not everything that surrounds us) – the principle works even for humans. As with anything else alive, our cells are in a state of vibration, and our hearts are beating throughout our lives. When these vibrations stop, the body dies, leaving only the simple vibration of the material from which it is „built”.

For example, not coincidentally, the Chinese character for “life” is almost identical to that for the word “pulse”, the heartbeat is invariably associated with life, and so on. This illustrates that life means, above all, vibration (heartbeat). And this vibration could not be sustained without the help of other similar vibrations. What would happen if we stopped breathing, eating, drinking? Our circulatory system transports energy and nutrients to all cells.

With the help of water (and other body fluids), food and oxygen can reach all of our cells. Thus we can speak of a phenomenon of resonance that occurs between the substances we ingest and the internal organs that keep us alive. So everything has to be resonant to „work properly.” And water is the main „intermediary”.

Moreover, it is very interesting that humans (like other living things, including matter) can freely exchange between their vibrations. So, one quickly concludes that everything has to be in resonance (at least for a reference point, however dimensionally limited it is).

Do you think that’s not true?!? Due to our emotions, we are in a permanent exchange of vibrations, even if we don’t always realize this. When we are in the presence of a person with the same vibration as we are, we immediately feel regenerated and energized. On the other hand, if we are in the company of a person with whom we don’t resonate with (even an unknown person, with whom we have a contact for the first time in our life), the conversation with him goes too much or becomes too loud, being able to easily lead to dispute and conflict.

It is impossible not to have „perceived” throughout your life similarities of thoughts with other people, have not had spontaneous aversions to other people, have not had feelings of any kind and these to be true, and the like.

And, if we become aware of this gift, depending on how we use it, we can advance in the evolution of the species, but also of the planet (in extenso, of the universe), either towards a more laborious creation or towards destruction. If we choose to resonate harmoniously with the rest of the world, our planet will continue to support life. If we do nothing but follow our selfish desires, the environment will continue to deteriorate, conflicts will continue to escalate, the differences between the different social classes will continue to deepen, and so on.

The solution would be quite simple if we pay attention to water research. The most positive influence on the water is the vibrations related to the „two secret energies”: that of love and that of gratitude. The chemical formula of water (H2O) gives us an indication of the relationship between the two energies. If we consider oxygen as symbolizing love and hydrogen as symbolizing gratitude, we will quickly deduce that they are not in harmony if there is a 1:1 ratio, but only when the gratitude is double as compared to love. So the perfect balance between love and gratitude is 1:2.

I’ll detail in a small example to understand what it’s all about. We have a “he” and a “she” who meet. He has a certain behavior that causes her to resonate with him, accepts his behavior and feels happy as a result of it, meaning that he has managed to offer her love (the vibration of love).

This vibration turns into her heart in gratitude and it will return to him immediately or on the first opportunity. That’s why he will always feel full of energy as he is charged with the vibrations transmitted by her.

But, if her gratitude were equal to the love he offered her, the energy cycle would immediately stall, everything becoming a little adventure/date or the like. But, if the other vibrational „half” of gratitude also appears, that balance we were talking about, the one that will attract the continuity of the relationship and introduce them into the vibrational circle of continuity (her gratitude becomes a gesture of love/emotional vibration that will attract the gratitude/receptive vibration plus the gratitude supplement that becomes his love for her, and so on).

Therefore, by sharing an emotional experience (more or less intense), the grateful man (full of gratitude) is no longer receptive but becomes emissive, and his gratitude turns into love. Under these conditions, the ratio 1:2 allows the endless perpetuation of this phenomenon, giving rise to a cycle of love and gratitude generated by a first impulse and which can influence the whole world through a chain reaction.

But let’s see each other healthy tomorrow!

Dorin, Merticaru