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I start this post with a rather „weird” experiment about water. One of the leading water researchers, Emoto Masaru, at one point had a copyright dispute related to a photo of a water crystal from the Fujiwara dam.

A Swiss woman claimed that she had the copyright on such a photo that was also taken by Emoto who had this message: „I understand that you took the photo, but I did it too. I’ve done it in this three-dimensional world. Maybe you did it in another dimension.” Shortly after, the woman withdrew her copyright claim. Think about all this happening to some lawyers, interesting, isn’t it?

Here’s Masaru Emoto’s interpretation of what happened.

He is convinced that there is a dimension in which there are images like that of that crystal. The woman from Switzerland may have somehow accessed one or the other dimension and „surprised” the image in an altered state of consciousness. Therefore he had no hesitation in claiming that the photo belonged to him.

But, with this incident, Emoto began his studies and demonstrated (for those who accept his demonstrations) that photos of water crystals often express vibrations of other dimensions. This was „reinforced” by the fact that at that time the crystals obtained were then heptagonal (with seven corners), which is quite rare because most crystals of this size are hexagonal (with 6 corners).

The explanation is quite simple. At that time, in the Fujiwara accumulation lake, the body of a young girl was discovered (the killer was caught the next day). Following the religious rituals performed on that occasion, the accumulation lake was purified and clarified and the woman’s spirit was finally lifted to heaven. If we had to deal directly with another dimension, the crystal would have been octagonal shape (eight corners) but only seven were obtained because the vibrations of the bond were manifested and not directly of this dimension.

So Emoto clearly states that water transcends its dimensions, allowing it to resonate with the world in which souls dwell before going further into the kingdom of spirits. These considerations can be taken further. The Japanese believe that their country is the „Water World” being an island surrounded by waters and having a rather rich hydrographic potential.

This belief is so strong that often large groups of people come together to pray about the cleanliness of their waters. Such meetings quite famous for the Japanese are those at Fujiwara and Biwa. Thus, the vibration of their prayers, the vibration of their intention, has traveled to a higher dimension, carried by the law of resonance (we will talk about this law in many future posts).

Thus, the words came to resonate with a very high frequency, after which they returned to our physical dimension with a much-increased frequency (the average frequency of „Japanese” prayers is around 300 Hz, and the „response” vibrations are of the level of several thousand Hz), purifying the lakes (their water).

So, again we come to the capacity of water to withhold information. In this regard, it is quite interesting to recall the French immunologist Dr. Jacques Benveniste and his work.

He published his findings in the journal „Nature” but was harshly criticized and forced to leave his job at the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM – France).

His problem, also communicated to Masaru Emoto, was linked to the connection between water and God, Creator, Oneness, or how each one wants to perceive it.

Do not think that Emoto was not criticized and that his work was not considered to be a scam, that he was not isolated by the scientific world even though those mentioned permanently respected the rigors of science! And all because any deep study of the power of water invariably reaches the conclusion that God exists. Water teaches us that there is a power above us, that we are the children of someone.

But let’s stay a little longer in the area of ​​water memory. Research has confirmed that water is capable of reproducing the properties of a substance with which water has been in contact even after the initial substance disappears due to infinitesimal dilutions in the water.

Water, therefore, can preserve the properties of the molecules of substances. So, at this point, Emoto Masaru’s research tells us that water retains any energetic „intervention” (emotional, etc.) and that of Benveniste that water retains any material „touch”.

The continuation of their research goes along with the discoveries of the Nobel laureate named Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of the HIV (virus), who has chosen to continue these „sensitive” research for his career. He, driven by curiosity, applies Benveniste’s technologies in his research.

And, even from the first blood plasma experience of an AIDS patient, he detects the electromagnetic waves that were described by Benveniste’s research, although he didn’t expect that.

This type of phenomenon is unacceptable, unimaginable, at this time by the scientific world (classical biology, in particular). It consists in detecting (and not only, but you will also see below) the electromagnetic waves of a DNA chain, including the transduction of these waves (and not only).

This is why he became a marginal scholar, without funding or support, often listed as a senile old man, saved only by the old victory of winning the Nobel.

But now, I describe what the experiment consists and, implicitly, the memory of water at the level of matter.

First, let’s clarify what is happening with this transduction! Starting from the DNA of a patient infected with AIDS, the characteristic electromagnetic waves will be „taken” and a numeric (digital) file will be created and transmitted through a computer medium (CD or DVD burning, memory stick, etc. including transmission via the Internet) to another laboratory where that DNA will be reconstituted based on the transmitted/received digital file (obviously this laboratory can be located anywhere on the planet’s surface, or further).

This is the transduction (but the „pretentious” term of „teleportation” could be used, even if it is simple cloning because the original is not transferred but an identical copy of the original is created).

The process begins with the detection of electromagnetic background noise (especially powerful nowadays due to radio waves and not only – for example, but the light is also an electromagnetic manifestation) which can disrupt the process. Then, a vial with DNA will be taken (in the case of Montagnier’s experiments it is the DNA extracted from the blood of a patient suffering from AIDS), the quantity not being determinant but only being necessary to measure its electromagnetic signal.

The DNA contains all the information necessary for the determination/development and existence of a living organism, regardless of its complexity (bacterium, fungus, plant, human or other animals), each being unique for a certain form of life (such as an identity card that allows identification of each organism).

And, the experiment will consist not only of transduction, confirmed by comparing the source DNA with the one that will be reconstructed from the digital file to be transmitted remotely but also by demonstrating the memory of the water and its capabilities.

Even if I could be boring I will describe in detail the experiment (which can be done by any laboratory, without too many technological claims). Therefore, the vial with the „source” DNA will be mixed with sterile distilled water, which will help to achieve infinitesimal dilutions.

The preparation of high dilutions consists of introducing molecules into the water, followed by successive dilutions until the complete elimination of the initial molecules. The initial process starts from placing the vial with the DNA source in 9 parts of sterile water, thus each step consisting of dividing the number of „contaminated” DNA molecules by 10. High dilutions are part of any experience related to water memory and are „applied” so that water can memorize the molecules with which it has made contact, then, through high dilutions, this „impregnation” substance is removed from the control sample.

Usually, a 10-step dilution procedure is sufficient so that only water, water molecules, without any trace of impregnation material (in our case DNA) remain in the control sample. For those completely „unbelievers” in the existing dilution, one can go (and often went) to the 24th dilution, where we have the equivalent of diluting a drop of the initial DNA (or other impregnation material) across the entire Atlantic Ocean. After this „cleaning” by dilution, the electromagnetic signal „detected” in the control sample is encoded.

If the scientists weren’t so „suspicious”, things would have continued from here without any problems. But, to eliminate any kind of interpretations, the „double-blind” coding is now proceeding.

Thus, a „witness” sample (the more ignorant, the more innocent, the better) is labeled (indicated by placing randomly labeled numbers, masked/camouflaged labels, so that it is impossible to know which one of the test tubes is the dilution contaminated by the impregnating substance) to avoid any suspicion of falsification or mental influence on the experience.

It is advisable to have 10 tubes of pure, sterile, diluted water, referred to as „placebo” and 10 tubes of high dilution. After this „moment” we proceed to record all the dilutions coded that are realized simply, by placing the dilution tubes over a kind of microphone (for only 6 seconds) that records the variations of the electromagnetic field that come from the dilutions.

All these variations are recorded by digitalization (digitization) in a computer file, as in the case of sound recording (Wav format or other audio formats). And, if these tubes only contain water, what signal can be discussed that will be captured?!? And from where?!? The signal will only exist in the samples, the dilution tubes, where there has been contacted with an impregnation material, and in the others, nothing will be recorded, being discovered from the beginning.

So, in the others, „touched” by the impregnating substance (witness DNA), the electromagnetic signal will be detected and recorded. So, this is the first part of the experiment that shows success (the most „active”, more powerful emissive dilutions are usually the 6th and 7th dilutions).

And all this under direct contradiction with the laws of classical physics, where water does not emit electromagnetic waves and, above all, by the existence of emission where there is no more impregnation material but only „water memory”. Biology and classical physics never considered these phenomena.

Let’s go further! This file, with its electromagnetic fingerprints, will be transmitted to another laboratory (for example, via the Internet) for use in the reconstruction of a copy of the original DNA, which has imprinted the water.

So, there will be a procedure to reverse the process of realizing the digitized file. The file will be „played” to a coil where the electromagnetic waves will be „rendered” (“played”) to a sterile, pure water sample, which will memorize the signal thus rendered (everything occurring inside a metal tube for shielding, insulation against any surrounding electromagnetic influence). The process of rendering, impregnation, usually lasts about one hour.

After this time, the sample of impregnated water is taken (immediately after impregnation, „electromagnetic activity” can be detected in the samples of pure water which, before impregnation, did not present this activity) and is placed in several other tubes, to be subjected to the PCR procedure (Polymerase Chain Reaction), often used in forensics.

This procedure consists of introducing into the water of some chemical elements called nucleotides, the basic constituents of any DNA. In addition to these „bricks” of life, a polymerase enzyme is added that will play the role of catalyst for the processes of molecular recovery.

In the first phase, these components remain inactive, with no reaction recordable. However, as soon as the polymerase detects a DNA fragment, thanks to the action of reconstituting the polymerase, the original DNA sequence is reconstructed, allowing „reconstruction” of sufficient elements to determine to whom the „recovered” DNA belongs in the starting fragment. This phenomenon is called „polymerase chain action” which brought Kary Bank Mullis’ 1993 Nobel Prize.

Going back to our experiment there is no physical DNA present. Only a „recording”/ „memorization” of it, digitized and impregnated in the new samples of… Pure water. Where, of course, the basic kit of the RLP procedure represented by the polymerase enzyme and nucleotides is added…

According to current biophysics, nothing should happen because the DNA sequence of the HIV (virus) cannot be replicated alone, without a template. It’s like you want to make photocopies of a forgotten document at home. But in our case, the DNA is restored without problems.

Obviously, in the last stage of the experiment (process), the resulting DNA will be compared with that of the impregnation DNA, validating the success, the naturalness of this „memory” of water. Usually, a third independent laboratory is chosen, which will analyze the resulting DNA obtained from RLP processing. The transduction, implicitly the memory of the water, will be (are) proven.

But explaining the phenomenon is another problem, especially if you eliminate the existence of water memory.

One of the explanations (which confirms many other similar explanations) is that of the professor of quantum physics and chemistry Marc Henry. The starting point is the water molecule (H2O) which has a „connection” affinity for additional valence, which may result, for example, oxygenated water (H2O2).

But, this „free valence” will participate much more easily in the formation of chains of water molecules that will close at a given moment forming a circle, a polygon, etc., constituting true structures, informational clusters (considering storage information is made not only through the space formed but also through the space-delimited, contained by this structure).

And, in these „delimitations”, the matter cannot enter but only access for electromagnetic waves is possible, which will be „impregnated” in this „ensemble”, termed by theorists as „the field of coherence”. Thus, the waves emitted by the imprinted „recordings” transmitted for „reconstruction” are embedded in these true water information clusters (of which we have „talked” in previous posts).

It is worth remembering that the memorization, the structuring of clusters is intentionally used in the plural because under the action of such waves millions of identical clusters are formed which help and accelerate the phenomena of „reconstruction” of the imprinted material in the case of the experiment described above.

It is only true that the polymerase was able to reconstruct the DNA that imprinted the water by „finding” all the necessary information thanks to the electromagnetic waves trapped in the water information clusters.

So it is a true intellectual and scientific revolution with enormous potential. But, for the moment, this is not desired. Not even recognition of water memory.

This would be (but don’t forget that it is) the indisputable evidence needed to move to New Medicine globally, the one where we will treat almost everything with the help of water and magnetic waves emitted by control by our own body or issued by a person who helps and assists. at the healing process.

This new vision of the properties of water has important consequences for medicine, the ability of water to store and transmit information, giving our body a role of special importance.

I return, without wishing to get bored, to the fact that water is the most important component of the human body (over 70%) with different „representations” such as 75% „presence” in the intestine, 75% in the stomach, 73% in the liver, 77% in the heart, 80% in the lung, and 90% in the brain.

So, the first course that should be taught in a biology course needs to be the one about water, with significant content in all other courses. By extension, we then come to medicine, which should conform to the same reality, the same reason.

If we don’t reason in terms of volume but we refer to the number of molecules, the figures become much more eloquent. The 70% volume becomes 99% of the total number of molecules in our body. This number of 1% of the molecules that are not water, such as calcium, magnesium, proteins, etc. they have a size small enough to be coordinated by the same surprising laws studied by quantum physics and chemistry (a thing „confirmed”, if any, by the actual dimensions of atoms in quantum physics).

More specifically, if we want to understand how a cell works we need to refer to quantum physics (as we have shown in previous posts). In this field, of quantum physics, there is no difference, the difference between wave and matter, everything is, in fact, energy, the atom being considered at the same time and wave and particle, exactly as it is in the „descriptions” about water memory.

And, even if the idea of ​​water memory is not accepted, the research of electromagnetic waves emitted by living matter certainly has a bright future in the medical world.

Montagnier, and beyond, was able to link the signals present in the blood with very serious and widespread diseases, such as degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, some sclerosis, some cancers, autism in children and many more.

But, it is remarkable that the electromagnetic waves emitted and stored by water, in contact with a molecule, will continue to propagate the properties of that molecule, hence its therapeutic action. Yes, you read well, the waves can be used for treatment! Either by direct action on an „area of ​​interest”, or by using them in the recovery of some drug molecules without its administration but only by activating the production through waves directly at the level of the body and through the organism (eliminating the dogma of chemistry that says that the molecules they only act by direct contact) – see here the mode of action of homeopathic medicines that suggest to the body, through different dilutions of a drug, what to produce and at what dose to produce.

But, by limiting ourselves to our waves, everything will be possible by „listening” a file made according to the method described above. So goodbye pharmaceutical industry, goodbye social insurance, welcome listening from where… All are free or almost free.

Without having a kind of anti-conspiracy spirit, I can remember Steve Jobs, who died too prematurely, who had in project phones with applications in vibrational therapy and electromagnetic waves. We’re not far from that. The problem is to go ahead and those able to stop dying.

Thus, new boundaries of biology are being shaped, focused on the information that the waves could transmit to our cells, premises of numerical biology intuited by Benveniste. And not only that.

In this respect, I will give you another Benveniste experiment and I will finish this long post. The researcher took a heart from a guinea pig who was allergic to ovalbumin in the white egg. This heart is an organ very sensitive to ovalbumin, the smallest „perception” of its presence causing an allergic reaction. When this heart was tested for the presence of ovalbumin, it had an allergic shock reaction.

And, when „treating” this heart with the electromagnetic recording of ovalbumin (called numerical ovalbumin), the heart did not make a difference and also came in shock, as if it were under the action of real ovalbumin (just like our ear it does not distinguish between a recorded threat and the real one – for the ear, it is about the same sound).

It should be noted that Montagnier doesn’t consider water memory to be an end in itself, but merely a complex technique with which he hopes to eliminate his old adversary, the HIV (virus).

Enough for today! Tomorrow I will complete the posts about water (I hope) …

Love, Gratitude, and Understanding!

Dorin, Merticaru