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For today I will venture on a quite slippery territory. But, some researchers who make arguments in this regard and feel that it is not a mistake if I take this step. It is about the connection between DNA and water, about the influences that water can have its structures carrying information on it.

To begin with, I will start from the theory promoted by Van Duc, who devised the following formula: Energy = Number of people X Consciousness2 (squared), according to Einstein’s famous formula E = m X c2.

This „deduction” can be joined with findings that state that our consciousness may still be the same as DNA. Thus, the „original” DNA would be full of information received directly from the Creator (or our creators) and this is directly related to water. This statement is made by Dr. LH Lorenzen, who claims that DNA has water in its double-helix structure, which, based on those presented in previous posts, can recover and adapt permanently according to the information received from the environment, from the electromagnetic waves to which it has „access”.

So, whatever happens, the DNA is kept to a minimum level of safety in terms of a basic, functional structure, using water. Dr. Hikaru Deguchi has researched in this regard and his findings may be associated with the activation of human DNA. The evolution of the individual with the initial DNA will also mean a constant evolution of the DNA, by rewriting or completing the adaptive elements, which, why not, are favored by some kind of „structure” substrate of the water that exists at this level.

This leads to the easily deduced idea that water can be the mirror of the soul or, at least, some kind of interface, the optimal transmission medium between the manifestation in the matter, the body, and the manifestation in energy, the soul.

Deguchi argues that the soul of any human being encompasses four attributes: courage, love, familiarity, and knowledge, and to find out what our true purpose in life is, we must first understand what the main characteristic that we manifest is.

And, this purpose is determined equally by the genetic traits inherited from our parents and those of our real self. Or, when the researchers fully agree that our DNA is used to a very small extent (between 3-5%) it is quite clear that water is the one that helps manage the „hidden part” with a possible connection with something divine, spiritual, beyond our knowledge. And, the only real connection is that of love and gratitude, including understanding.

So, activating the latent 95-97 percent of our DNA is the only way to reconnect with God and rediscover the hidden power of our subconscious, which is possible if we access understanding and live in love and gratitude.

But, what are the clues that confirm our DNA activation? Whenever we feel deeply impressed, excited, we feel the electric thrills emanating from our soul and passing through our entire body. This mysterious physical reaction has nothing to do with the conscious mind (which does nothing but block this process of manifesting our real emotions).

For many connoisseurs, these thrills are the sign that what they are told is true, that it conveys a truth or causes a reaction to the truth. Why does our body react in this way, especially the skin? Well, because of the water we contain, which adores any harmonious, beautiful, and true vibration.

If the thrillers are indications of our DNA awakening, synchronicities (meaningful coincidences) must surely be indications (clues) of a higher dimension (with which water easily connects, as we have shown in previous posts), as long as it doesn’t exist other identifiable sources.

What would be the arguments that can support the above?!? Previous and future posts will make the difference (but only in a kind of knowledge support, the rest depends on you, the reader).

But before, we have to focus a little attention on the fact that existence means vibration (an idea that I’ll resume later, in future posts). The entire universe is in a state of vibration and each atom has its frequency, including the structures that result from the „merging” of atoms. It is a fundamental principle demonstrated by quantum physics: everything is energy in a state of vibration.

Let us now imagine that we would reduce our bodies to the level of an atom and start an exploration to discover the secrets of the universe represented by the human being.

The first obvious perception will be that everything is made up of atoms, in which nothing is a solid mass and everything is in a state of motion and vibration at an incredible speed. So, the ancient principles of the Buddhist sutra of Wisdom and the Heart, „Everything that can be seen has no form, and what cannot be seen has form” begins to make sense. Thus, our eyes can see objects but cannot see vibrations.

To understand this, imagine (actually remember) talking to someone in a room, and the atmosphere is warm and friendly, open. Then another person enters the room and, from the moment of his perception, you notice a change in the atmosphere, the space becoming dark and cold. You look at the face of the newcomer and you see a gloomy expression and your shoulders bent, you see someone who looks as if life has simply exhausted him. Have you ever noticed something like this?!?

So also human beings are in a state of vibration, unique to each individual. Some have the vibration of sadness, others have the vibration of depression, but some have the vibration of happiness, joy, and so on. If you remember that water records these vibrations in true informational structures, do not imagine that the rest of the matter would proceed otherwise! It differs only the „percentage” of information that is recorded, which is certainly never zero.

So, by extension, this principle also applies to objects and places. For example, there are places where accidents frequently occur, places where a business is successful, and places that bring happiness. Likewise, of course, you’ve heard of jewelry that brings misery to successive owners.

Given the fact that you have accepted as real, if possible, such manifestations, how hard it is to extend this to DNA, or anything. How heavy is it to deduce that vibrations change anything?

For a clearer example, think about the fact that people all over the world enjoy meeting and celebrating together. When people gather, wear special clothes, singing and dancing, the result is that the negative vibrations recorded, which stagnate in people, are dissipated and vibrations of happiness are created.

It is true that these vibrations seem to dissipate after that meeting but, admit that there’s some inertia. Depending on the intensity of the event, the positive vibrations will persist for a longer or shorter period, all in direct relation to the sum of the negative vibrations that exist in our daily lives that we returned to.

And, if the effect of positive vibrations continues, we will be more and more positive, regardless of the impact of life we ​​are exposed to. Why? The repetition of positive vibrations changes the overall mass of the informative structures from the water level (either from the rest).

But, something else is happening. As you will see (in future posts), any repetitive event, considered important or not (there is no „difference”, a good or bad evaluation, but only an adaptation) will require our body to adapt to something like this.

And, guess where this is recorded, from an organic point of view, and not just water?!? I hope you guessed it in the DNA. It sounds incredible but read on. So the DNA is permanently restructured, of course in certain possible parameters, it’s activated.

Let’s focus a little now on vibrations that can bring influence! From the beginning, you will have a surprise of proportions: any kind of vibration. Light (an electromagnetic vibration) influences us both through the sense called seeing and many other mechanisms (a small, small example would be the activation of vitamin D metabolism, calcium, etc. in sunlight, at sun exposure).

The actual vibrations are also those that we associate with the hearing (even if the frequency of the hearing itself has a certain „interval” specific to each individual). In this sense, a good example would be music, whose vibrations are easily perceived and understood by most of us, like the sounds of the human voice that are also vibrations (a clear example in this sense is the perception of the mother’s voice by the baby who, even if doesn’t understand what is transmitted to him reacts clearly, in the sense of vibration transmitted).

Then, our brain activity is „described” by vibrations. Alpha, beta, theta, delta, gamma. And I can continue with examples of vibrations.

Isn’t this, however, found at the water level, in its memory structures that are formed?!? Did we forget that we are mostly „structured” from water?!? Taking into account those described only in the posts about water, the fact that its simple „memory” can help the reconstitution/reconstruction of DNA, its activation, the recording of our emotional „dispositions” and the manifestation of some kind of resistance to change given by the time and energy needed to change its informational structures, is it worthwhile to be so ignored, not to pay due attention to the „matter” that has sustained the emergence of life and supports its manifestation and evolution?!?

But, to become more „earthly” and to set a clear, real, tangible example that will demonstrate the above (in all this post).

In 1939, the engineer Marcel Violet left Paris and settled in the country. Novice in those related to life in nature, he notices that the animals on his farm, immediately after the rain, no longer watered from the watering water and preferred to consume water from the puddles that formed around there.

Then his curiosity led him to imagine an experiment to find the answer to the animals’ preferences. His engineering knowledge led him to believe that this is a kind of preference for pure water. Only that it would be rainwater. Water that evaporated, clouds arrived, caught a speck of dust and fell on earth as rain.

To obtain a similar effect, he collected a few liters of evaporated water with a condenser (a kind of refined boiler but made of glass) and, in the water obtained, he put a sprig of lake frog. Well, it has died immediately.

Deducting the lack of oxygen as the cause, he stirred the vessel to allow oxygenation and … The next tadpole died immediately. He used rainwater and the tadpole lived for a short time (here it would be necessary to specify a little: our elders, sometimes old sailors, people living in areas with limited access to water, often collect rainwater. It would mean that this water would not be good to drink. Well, this water is collected in large quantities and kept for a longer time in various tanks, and, with this water, the following will happen.

Finally, he thought about the vibration of nature and, after distilling the water, sealed the balloon at the mouth, by melting the glass and leaving this balloon outdoors, in the heat of the sun, etc. for a month. He introduced the tadpole and … It immediately became much more lively than it was originally … Dead water became living water …

What happened?!? If you have read the previous posts, you have a clear answer. Exposure to vibrations in the environment, information transfer, or any other obvious quantum reasoning.

Living water thus becomes proven. Energy transfer is everything. Interesting is a little detail. From a slightly larger amount of such „living water”, prepared according to various relatively similar principles, Valeriu Popa could describe that from such water the rainbow (luminous spectrum) rises in the form of a spiral (DNA type). Interesting isn’t it?!?

To remember the scientist Henri Coandă, who had a „fix” to photograph the shapes of snowflakes in different places on Earth, found that the shape of snowflakes differs from one place to another. Something similar to Masaru Emoto’s studies.

I can still bombard you with other discoveries of science. But, is there any point?!?

I will complete this post with a simple method of treating the water to drink, use, etc. (a method that I use it personally, whenever I can – nothing is perfect, especially this crazy, crazy life of these days).

The simplest method is the „emission” of beneficial vibrations to the water or, at least, this water to be as close to the source that emits the beneficial vibrations. This emission can be realized by several methods.

1. General framework / general preparations valid: Water is collected in a glass vessel of optimal size for the daily consumption of a person, a family, or a group that aims to be supplied with this water. A 5 or 10-liter glass bottle, available from a market is an optimal get. It can also go on a larger recipient.

Why does the container need to be made of glass?!? Obviously, due to the hygiene requirements that require longer use of this container. By the way, the color is not very good to be present because it represents some kind of interference with the vibrations that will reach the water. So, the transparent glass is indicated.

Well, water … Water is a big problem. It would be advisable to have a source of water as close to the energy „purity”. The wonderful bottles of bottled water are not a solution, the water from the water supply network, nor thus, whether the supplier praises a particular source, natural, blah, blah, blah …

So, the best water (spring water, fountain water, mountain water and, strangely or peaking, the truly „broken” water, by the priests as „small choke” or „big choke” by Boboteaza) it gives excellent results. But, for your peace of mind, you will remain seduced anyway. Let’s continue!

And, the water is put in the chosen container, obviously well cleaned.

2. Procedure 1 … Treatment with the beneficial vibrations of music. This treatment can be done by several means and methods.

Among the means, the music needs to be of „quality”. From previous posts, you could notice rock, trash and other aggressive forms of musical expression destroy the water. You can resort to „slow”, „calm” music (like „Beatles’s Yesterday”), or „exuberant”. Each one according to the intention of energy loading. But, be careful, the „unplugged” music is indicated. The more classical the instruments used, the more predominant the voice that transmits beneficial messages, with so the water will become more structured, more alive.

But, this is the „weakest” form of „treatment” of water …

From previous posts, you could notice that the best „treatment” music is classical music. Schubert’s „Ave Maria”, Chaichovski’s „Swan Lake”, Bach (Suite for orchestra No. 3 in D major), Beethoven (Pastoral Symphony No. 6), Mozart (Symphony No. 36, No. 40), Bruckner (Symphony No. 9), Chopin (parting song), Handel (water music), etc. On the internet are even lists of songs in this regard (

But, no matter how strange it may seem, immensely greater power than previously presented has classical religious music. Yes, you read well, „huge”, many hundreds even thousands of times. The „secret” of the strength of this music probably lies in the fact that they are ods, prayers, and the like.

Here you can use musical pieces like classical „Gregorian songs”, classical Byzantine and Orthodox religious music, gospel, each according to his conviction after his „calling”.

In methods, either the water vessel is placed between the speakers that play this music (the effect being powerful precisely by the source proximity), or the music is played like a background in the room where the water vessel is. The placement between the speakers also has the advantage of the fact that the music can be played at a small volume and does not „disturb” the normal activities in the house.

3. Procedure 2 … Treatment with effective prayers, possibly with discussions with water.

The „force” of the result is much greater than process 1, but obviously, it is concentration and time-consuming. It can be used to recite psalms, religious poems, personalized prayers, etc.

4. Procedure 3 … The use of esoteric, shamanic, oriental music, etc. (I didn’t use this, so I cannot say whether or not they give results – as for the other methods, procedures, I have successfully tested them, confirmed by my guests who admired the quality of the drinking water without knowing which is the real source).

Be careful! Until you try don’t blame or refuse to accept this! You will be surprised by the result of the water, then the result of the consumption of such water.

At some point, I will detail all the necessary elements of this process, including inserting didactic elements regarding the composition of the soundtracks (youtube is not a solution due to the advertisements, the prayers can be recorded with your voice and you will need to know what to do with the computers and programs for everything to come out perfectly, etc).

And, I think that is enough (I have already written almost 22,000 words in the posts about water – a book, already). Is it still necessary to continue with posts in this regard?!? So, tomorrow we move on (and, anyway, sometime, I will go over these „profane” things and you will find out a lot more than you think)!

In the post about life with us, the next step in understanding the „Whole” and, at the same time, the logical step, because life has „sprung” directly from the water.

Love, Gratitude, and Understanding !!!

Dorin, Merticaru